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One Piece guidelines and follows!!

Hello NAKAMA!! Here to make a guideline card and follow to card for ya for the intro as the new moderator for One Piece community!! Just some simple guides to please follow for everyone's enjoyment and excitement!! 1. KEEP IT FUN AND NEW!! No spoilers please, xxxxx!!! If you do have any make sure that you first pic (main pic) that will appear isn't a spoiler pic as well if there is spoiler content please notify at beginning of cars so as not to ruin the anime or manga for any future readers and viewers!! Thanks NAKAMA!! 2. KEEP THE RATINGS POSTED!! If it is Teen, 12+, pg 13, Mature or such, not if the card as to be age worthy for all viewers, or if your not sure due to graphic content, please just use safer material for all vinglers to be able to enjoy!! 3. TROUBLES WITH FELLOW VINGLERS?? If there are troubles with fellow vinglers please use appropriate matters to help yourself deal with issues, there are cards with specifics telling how to help with any issues dealing with Trolls and such if you are having issues, also moderators and support can help as well. There are steps beyond such as deleting and blocking vinglers. If needed ask anyone on the anime pr any specific anime mod teams to help out and we will gladly help out!! Thanks NAKAMA!! 4. POST ONLY COMMUNITY RELATED CARDS!! Please post only cards that are related to this specific community to this community! This helps from mixing and mashing up animes with others as well as causing confusion and trouble with other cards, collections, and communities!! This keeps things fun as well as interesting and related to community topics and such!! 5. ENJOY THE OPEN SEAS NAKAMA!! We are all here to enjoy One Piece as well as all the other anime, manga, and fandom there is to offer so have fun and enjoy all you can!! Life is a journey so sail away and find your NAKAMA!! We're all NAKAMA here so join the family and let's all have fun and a wild crazy adventure!! Thanks for reading, any questions just ask!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!!
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