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@P1B2Bear Absolutely πŸ˜‰
Position - dancer & leader Members - 5 Mentor - Baekhyun Duet w/ - Kris Best friend - Suho & Lay Date - Barkhyun Pregnant by - D.O. Run off with - Baekhyun πŸ€—
@AnnieGoodman OMG so lucky you ran off with bacon 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Right?! That made me so happy! :D @vatcheeafandi99
1.Singer visual yaaaass bisssh 2. 5 members 3. Sehun 4. Chanyeol oppa ehe I knew We'd make a good song 5. Xiumin and Suho eeeek oppaaaa 6. Xiumin........ o.o..... I knew it 7.Sehun..... mmhm yeah it didn't say what kind of mentor.... I see you Sehun... 8. doodoodoo doo doodoodoo (y'all know the song ) Minseok oppa it was meant to be. I got my top baes except Lay Lay γ… γ…  my numero uno.