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The Sweet and Beautiful young Strauss Sister and amazing Fairy Tail Wizard!

Warming there are some Spoilers in this card for new Fairy Tail fans!

I feel that the character closest to me is Lisanna from Fairy Tail! She is (besides being really pretty lol) She is funny, caring for animals and people, she fights for what she loves and believes in amd the biggest one of all she will do anything for FAMILY❤ A big thing that I feel very connected to Lisanna is when she "died" and went to edolas. Due to certain reason I left my mothers house leave my two younger sister (in this case they will be Mira & Elfman) and it was very sudden and sad for to leave them. When she goes to Edolas she meets her Edolas Elfman and Mira feeling not so sad but not completely happy about the situation. For me when I moved to my Aunts house her two younger children aka my cousins became like a brother and sister to me but deep inside I knew that wasn't true. When I. returned to my moms house (not lying) after 2 years me and my sisters were finally reunited and that made me happy but sad to leave the new family I learned to care for as well. This is my main reason for feeling super connected to Lisanna❤
I also LOVE Lisanna for how fiesty she can be! My favorite animal take-over of Lisanna is her Kitty Paws! She is always quick to protect her loved ones and does what she can for the guild. Plus ever since the 1 year skip Lisanna learned how to be one badass waiter lol. I love to cook for my family and Lisanna just learned how to cook for hers! I lobe Lisanna is an amazing Fairy Tail wizard and I am super glad that of I am closest to someone in anime... it would be her❤ @InVinsybll @hikaymm @thatperson512
Awesome choice <3
Pfft lies xD and np
You're welcome beautiful!!
Definitely a real life Lisanna!! You're amazing Aime 😄
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