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Fuzzy Hooker (like this one 馃槀)
Uncanny man
Kang Yong-Ra
Infinite phantom Forever
I kissed Light Yagami because he had a big banana. 馃崒 (lmao this one had me dying at like 2am and maybe because I was thinking perverted 馃槀馃槀)
The black Sorceress of the shadows.
I ate Trojan man because I'm awesome in bed... (馃槀)
I fell in love with my dog because I'm retarded.. 馃樁
Captain Marguerite Wake Bottom.
Freezing Poutine. 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Capital Jesus. 馃槀 my mixtape will be coming out soon.. Not as lit as Yoongi's but still pretty lit... who am I kidding is poop.. 馃槖 jk I don't have a mixtape..
Pure Demon. Lol this sounds pretty interesting 馃槀.
Eireann Allen. So Ireland Handsome?? 馃槀馃槀
Neo the banana eating gopher.
Night Vision. 馃槀馃槀馃槀

HAVE FUN! You can answer them all or just the ones you want. But I found for me some of them made me laugh 馃槀 anyways enjoy.

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Shadow Dagger
a year agoReply
Preposterous Angry Wolf and The Cursed Werewolf of the East. Yep, you should probably avoid the east...sounds like something pretty sketchy exists out there haha
a year agoReply
..September 6 black shirt...Whats your story...
a year agoReply
amazing sticky foot
a year agoReply
The Dark Fairy of the Seas
a year agoReply