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2PM’s Taecyeon (my personal favorite 2PM member) will be joining tvN’s ghost drama Who Are You as Cha Gun Woo, a cop who does not believe anything until he sees and touches it. Who Are You will follow the budding relationship between Shi Ohn, a girl who can see ghosts after waking up from 6-year coma, and Cha Gun Woo. Regarding Taec Yeon joining the crew, the director commented, “I have a lot of faith in actor Ok Taec Yeon, and I thought that the character Cha Gun Woo fit him the best. I also think that Taec Yeon has great potential as a actor.” Stay tuned to tvN for Who Are You, which will start airing in late July. (Source: Nate)
He will be starring as the main lead? That's pretty surprising but I hope he will do well. The plot sounds interesting too!
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Thanks for sharing @larkspurs!
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