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SHINee are great Ppusyeo Ppusyeo boys in thier new CF!!!
Cute right?! Well it may seem familar to Shawols!
Back when they where still baby faced, SHINee became Ppusyeo Ppusyeo boys!!! Just goes to show are boy are still amazing! Also 뿌셔뿌셔 is so tasty!!!!
They have different flavors too!! if you dont know its a crunchy ramen snack that you don't cook! The best part is getting to break it up in the bag ^^ it's really popular to kids ㅎㅎ I really liked them all so far! Fried chicken was good and the bulgogi!!

Have you tried any? What's your favorite?!

if you're new to the snack, will you try it now?! Advertising with SHINee definitely works on me! ㅋㅋㅋ My Super Shawols! @AimeeH @sherrysahar @AlexErica @JahlaB @StefaniTre @CrystalBlunt @JohnEvans @PrincessUnicorn
no but I would loooovvveee to be able to (once I have money again) try all of their products
I haven't tried these before. I'll try looking for them the next time I go to a Korean grocery store
@VixenViVi oh, I need to try both though
I've tried it, had the spicy rice cake flavor
I have tried it!
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