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I can't dance and i am shy...shit I don't wanna do this..
and I don't like girls too much drama and there are six of us man na-wait a minute
im so okay with this if his my dorm mentor *winks*
Omo the music video was so sexy it was hard to film...I just blushed everytime he touched me
i was kinda sad I didn't sing with these two dirks but I love them both they are my everything mama and squishy im squishy mama Lol that's the nickname they gave me
I mean it was really fun dating him but he wanted to leave and then I did something bad
I slept with my squishy and i had 2 beautiful baby girls this was right after my second comeback
man I love him and could never be without him...but I miss my babies sometimes but D.O lets me see them I am still friends with everyone
this was really a really fun one to do man EXO has a special place in my heart I love them all but I do with that all the members where in this the link:
Lol your right
Love your commentary! And I agree, girls have too much drama, and exo is pretty awesome! 😉