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hey guys thought I put some pictuer of me up but anyways I haven't posted in a while. I'm so happy for Kai and Kristal being together. Also I'm upset about how people compare their relationship with bacon oppa... I think people have changed also I was happy for him the same with Kai oppa. Oh idk if you can see it I got my nose peirced and I got my permit for driving I'm so happy!!!
how have you guys been?? I havent heard from yous in a while... or well really talked to yous... Jungkook oppa looks good in this pictuer... anyways hi again lol
Congrats on getting your permit! I love the nose piercing! 😍
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@jerlynmunji thank you after its healed I can change it from the stud to the ring.. I really love it
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I like ur eyeliner!
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@aipashaa thank you 😄
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