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This video is really funny! lol I didn't know Channing had rapping skills! Miley lends her singing and acting skills — as well as her killer abs — to a special music video about the “Magic Mike” star that debuted on “Kimmel” Tuesday night. The former Disney starlet wore a crop top and held a bag of candy adorned with the word "Channing" as she successfully belted her way through the hilarious lyrics. But, Miley wasn’t the only star to appear in the vid. In typical Kimmel form, it was jam packed with A-listers including, Olivia Munn, Gabourey Sidibe, and even a short cameo by Matt Damon. cr:yomg
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@shoenami lol... @blairwitme... tht wad weird in a funny way...
@relinashinee I seriously like this song! like i wanna play it in the car, full blast! lol
@blairwitme and then all you cqn see is the passbyers go: "say what???" lol
lmao xD