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Seungri drops me home after our night was over. He smiles and kiss my forehead as he let me go to go inside my building. I went upstairs and enter inside my place. Tony looked me and he seemed worried. "What's wrong Tony?" "Whats wrong... are youbserious Oh Ja-ni, you never return a text. I was freaking worry about you!" "Im sorry Tony. I was actually woth Seungri." "Whoa.. really? How did that go?" "Tony, to be honest. Im stuck. I dont what to do!" "Im here. I got you. what's wrong?" "I am in love." "Love!!?? With who.. " "Seungri and Jiyong!" "Wait...TWO. Your in love with two men" "Yess... I cant choose between them. " Tony took a huge breath in and out. He sits back on the sofa. Then i look at him. Tony then laughs and shakes his head. "Oh Ja-ni,, you... youu..." "Spit it out Tony" "You little hoe. " I smack Tony on the back of his head. "Sorry sorry.. just i cant not just hide it. but damnn girl." "What should i do?" "Either one or none... psshhh.. girl why not keep both." "Tony, shut up.. your crazy both" "Maybe a little" I walk away and laugh towards my room. As i put on my pj's, i finally lay down on my bed. Memories with Jiyong and Seungri. My feelings starts to get mixed around. I want Jiyong because he inspires me and funny. He makes me feel myself and warm. When im around him, i feel comfortable. But when im with Seungri, i feel safe and happy. He makes feel bubbly and enjoy life. Then Tony's words comes into my head.... "Either one or none,, maybe both" i shake my head... he is crazzyyy. I lay down and turn my alarm on. Then i just remember.... Why am i going to YG building again for? I close my eyes and just let the memories take me away.
Seungri I wake up as the sun creeps into my window. I slowly open my eyes. Then i saw someone sleeping next to me. I saw the roman numbers and from their i knew it was him. "Jiyong?" Jiyong opens his eyes a little and he moans. How he hates morning! I giggle.. Then Jiyong cuddles into me. his head is burried into my chest and his hand around my waist and our legs wrapped together. I ran my fingers through his hair. "Did you tell her, Seungri" "Ya, i did" "I need to tell you something, but promise not to be mad at me" "I promise, please tell me." "I like her too" I froze but i kept smoothing his hair. I let out an air and then i hug him into me. "She is just too perfect. Jiyong?" "Ya." I let him go and we both look into our eyes. I smile and he smiles back. "We cant let her go!" "She wont" "What makes you think about that" "You will know soon." Then i check the time. It was 10:30am. Then j just remembered that we have a meeting with YG CEO at 11:45am. Damn it. "Jiyong?" "Hmmm." "Its 10:30am and rhe meeting is in an hour." "Ahhh,, damnn it. When can i ever sleep in." "Soon ,now come on.. get up" I stand and started to wash up. As i was washing up, Jiyong comes inside and with no shame he uses the bathroom. We both then got dressed and we left to YG building. We enter inside and then the group and the M5K was their too.. Everyone is confused on this type of meeting. "Whats going on Jiyong?" Taeyang asks. "Ya, its supposed to be a day off" Daesung added. Jiyong looks at them and he smiles. "You guys will see. Just hang on."
I wake up as the alarm began to start ringing. I moan and slam my alarm to turn it off. I saw the time and its 10:00am. Then i remember about the meeting with YG CEO. I get out of bed and showered. As i got out of the shower i open my closet. This is definitely a woman's struggle. What the hell am i going to put on. "Tonnyy!!!!" Tony comes into my room. "Ya?" "What should i wear? I have a meeting with YG CEO, but i dont know why. I just wamt to look nice" "Wear a nice tight skinny jeans with this black and blue shirt." "Thanksz Tony, How happy to have an awsome gay friend." "One and only. Now hurry. What time you must be there?" "12" "Girl, hurry. Its 11:30am" "Damnn. Get out!" "You dont need help" "Tony Acerez!!" "Im leaving" Tony leaves laughing and close the door. *This asshole*. I quickly changed and then quickly put my converse on amd put light makeup on. I grab my phone and look at the mirror real quick. Then i left my place. As i went inside YG building, i had to go to CEO office. I knock nervously. "Come in" "Hello Sir." "Oh Ja-ni.. wow. Your definitely are a woman." "Yes i am sir. I apologize for the false identity" "Well as right now. Time to drop that. I got other news." "Yes..." "Jiyong asked me to keep you in the group. So i had to ask the other managers and see if it possible to do this. And sweety, you got very lucky, or should i say my company did. Oh Ja-ni, I really dont want to loose you. Your one talented woman. I have not seen so mucj potential and strength. I want you in my company. So what do you say" I look at the CEO. My heart starts to feel happy. my eyes gets watery. This is it... my dream. Its coming true. "Yes sir, i will definitely take this offer." "Great.. now lets announce it to the boys" "The boys?" "Yup, they actually have no clue." "Sounds like a good idea" We walk out of the office amd dowmstairs to the studio. He enters first and let them know what is tje meeting about. I stand beside the door and listen. "Good morning boys" "Morning" "You all probably wondering of why you all here today on uour day off. well since you guys know that tje concert is in two weeks. And J.J is out of false identity. So today i will introduce you to your new member of M5K" I heard him calling me out. I take a deep breath and open the door. As i enter inside, the room was full of gasps!!! I look at my group, which i miss. Then they all looked at me and woth thier mouths wide open, including big bang. "You see, i asked around to see if i can have a all guy group with a tough attitude woman. It took alot of voting, but many people voted because, they have seen her work ans efforts. So Oh Ja-ni, welcome to YG Family." I bow, and then all of a sudden my group stand and started cheering and running towards me. They hugged me and laugh. I feel so free. A freedom to be able to make music on my free will. "Ok since the group is complete. We got to announce this and get ready for the concert" "Yes sir!" We all said and bow and he leaves the studio. "Oh My God ... you was a girl tbis whole time. You also seen us... well almost naked" MJ said. "No wonder you always cover your eyes and have your own private changing room" Gook said. "Sorry boys, for not telling you all, and being honest" "Lets not worry about that anymore, now she is part of us amd always will be" Jiyong said as he puts his arm around my neck. "Thank you guys for not hating me on what I've done" Then GD gets a call. Everyone got silenced. "Hello... yes...yes... now... like right now. ok sure" He closes his phone and look at all of us. "What happend Jiyong" TOP asked. "Everyone, we got a photoshoot to do... but like right now" "Really....awsome!!" We all jump inside a van to go towards the studio. As we got inside, we had our changing room. And I got my very own. As we all dress up, I started to shoot photos with my group. FLASH FLASH FLASH Then myself. I never felt so prettt, but this... im loving it. Then out of no where i took pictures with Big Bang and soon with the whole entire squad. I feel so happy to acomplish my dreams. We finished with our shoot. Big Bang announced to go out and eat. We all got excited and left to a restaurant.
As we go inisde the restaurant, we order big .. but very big. The drinks started gimg around. And tje tabke gets fuller and fuller with so any delicious food. We ate and ate. We joke around and soon. One by one, theu start to leave. The M5K left and then TOP and Daesung left. I sat down and smile. "Your happy now Oh Ja-ni" Jiyong said. "I am, but i wish to tell this news to one more person" "Who is that?" "My mother" I look at Taeyang. Then he smiles back. "I got chu, i will talk to her tomorrow." "Whoaaa you know her mom?" "Yes. Remember the story of my father. Well the guy who gave up his life to save my dad, was her father. So ever since ive been helpimg her mom. I didnt knew at first, till one day she tried to visit her mom" "But why she can hate her only daughter?" Seunfri asked. "My.mother wamted to become this perfect human. But things didnt work that way. Ever simce she never talked to me." "Don't worry, i will kncok her out and hopefully she talks to you" Taeyang added. Then time passed by and Taeyang left. It was just me and Seungri and Jiyong. I started to feel nervous as hell. These boys are my death. By having them together is like a death sentence. "Oh Ja-ni, we wanted to talk to you. Seungri and I know what we done. But we also have feelings for you" "We know you got feelings inside of you. We just dont want you to hide it anymore. We want to know them" I look at the boys. How can i respond... i cant even decide. I clear my mind. "I do have feelings, but for both of you. I want you both, amd i can't decide of who i want most. You guys have hypnotize me into a triangle. Which i can't escape." The boys look at me. I feel like an idiot, did i said too much. "Oh Ja-ni,, you don't have to feel this way anymore." "what you mean?" "Well we did talk and made into a decision. We want to kepo you. Like you can keep us both." Huh??? Dafug did i just heard. I collect my mind. "What??!!" "Keep us ... together. The three of us." "This is not happening!" "But it is..." "Huh?" "Oh Ja-ni, will you keep us both?" I became breathless.....
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Ok another reading report, another thing to keep me up at this hour (2:30AM) "Are you serious Oh Ja-ni, you never return a text, I was worried about you!" "I'm sorry tony, I was with seungri" "Woah really? How did it go?" BIPOLAR AF πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ TONY GETS ME! "You little hoe" wait, BB I think I know where you got that.... Yea, I'll go with both if I were her! πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸ» NYONGTORY TIM~ we interrupt this program from our daily sponsors.... This is something you don't see on the daily basis....we got two men cuddling, NO LOVING OR ANYTHING, just cuddling and smoothing each others hair and they are talking about the girl they are in love with... Again, not saying they are gay, Just doesn't see something like this on a regular basis When you need an instant makeover just call tony, he can instantly tell you what to wear without even looking at your closet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I feel so bad that the rest of M5K are straight up side characters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I get shivers if someone grabs me by the neck, I go all "don't touch me" and rub my neck πŸ˜…πŸ˜… What happens if someone else gets a phone call, will everyone be silent too? Probably not cause jiyong is the leader so he gets all the main calls, imagine they all go silent if top gets a phone call from his mom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ» Taeyang: I GOT CHU FAM DONT SWEAT IT "I will knock her out" uhhhh by what meaning Taeyang??? Wait, I-I-I was just joking about the both thing....w-wait is she really? What? HOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEE πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» OVERALL: FUCK THIS GO WITH NONE, BE AN INDEPENDENT WOMAN CAUSE BITCH THATS JUST NO, NO. AT LEAST KEEP ONE AND ILL KEEP THE OTHER DOESNT MATTER WHICH..... BB what else can there possibly be in two chapters?? You are killing me you know that?? You see this knifeu? Is stabbed in my hearteu? Yea thanks waifu I got the memeu (ok what πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
omg😱 you got my heart beating so fast at the end!!!πŸ’“ they BOTH want her!! *fangirling*
Dang that freaking lucky girl.... Not just one, but both..... This took a kinky turn lol.....
omg they both want her that is crazy. I get a kick out of Tony we all need a friend like him in our life. @catchyacrayon I live how you have been leaving these comments wrapping up the chapter. Only 2 chapters left I can't believe it. Are we gonna have a baby come into the picture she did have 2 crazy back to back nights.
@Catchyacrayon is writing a whole report @BBxGD.... all I keep seeing... is "Both!!! BOTH!!!...ECHO...... BOOOTTTHHHHH!!!!!
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