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This card is dedicated to one of my best friends on here, @MaeLyn
I know you've been going through a hard time lately so I figured I'd make a card to try and cheer you up some!!
So, here goes a some gifs of Daehyun!
He wants you to cheer up!!
Oh and someone else wanted to cheer you up too! ;)
This is Hakyeon's face when you're upset. He's about to unleash his mother side to try and cheer you up! Gurl you're in trouble now!
N and Daehyun want you to cheer up, and so do I!!!!
Oh and here's a gif of VIXX and B.A.P interaction for you! Aren't they cute acting all gangster?
Anyways cheer up, MaeLyn!! I know it's been rough the last couple of months for you but hopefully things turn out okay soon!! I'm always here for you and so are @HayleyEastman and @twistedPuppy are too!!!
You almost made me cry!!! Haha thank you so much!!
@MaeLyn It's no problem!!! Anytime!