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So Fluff Week is over and I will post a fanfic tommorrow if there is an update. No promises! I'm sorry but I'll be off for next week due to ACT. So During that time period just mention what I should share next! :) PS THIS IS LONG :)
Missed The Beginning?
It was maddening, was what it was. The afternoon was going by extremely lazy, with no clients to take care of, anything to fix or arrange inside the old art store where you’d been working ever since you could remember since it belonged to your family.
You sighed quietly and leaned on top of the counter. You loved that place, you truly did, but at times like these you wanted very insistently to throw yourself out of the window.
Your attention was caught by the boy who stood near the big front windows, it wasn’t that you knew him per se, but you recognized him. He was tall, with a sort of gruff air that got diminished partially by his cute smile when he dared to show it.
He liked to frequent the music store near yours quite often and you had wondered if he played some instrument or was simply a music junkie. Today though, he was by far the most interesting thing around, so you couldn’t help but stare at him, at his proud like attitude, at the displeased expression on his face and how he leaned so carelessly on your window as if he was waiting for someone else to arrive. You knew you should come out and tell him to stop doing so, but there was something about him that made your hands itch for one of your favorite things to do.
Before you knew, you were pulling out your ever so treasured sketchbook from your bag and placing it in front of you. Moving the pencil along the page with quick and sharp perfect lines, you started to sketch him.
It was harmless, he wasn’t even to know about it. You shaped his silhouette first, lean, relaxed. Then moved to his facial features, his angle was a little odd, and the distance could play tricks to your eyes but you were decided to finish it. You stopped longer than needed on his lips, those were pretty, you had to admit that. It was a quick sketch but you were still very proud of it and when you smiled to the page at your finished work, the door of the store opened.
You quickly raised your eyes, hugging the sketchbook to your chest. The boy you just drew was now inside, but he wasn’t alone. There was another boy who approached you with a kind smile and spoke to you with a soothing mellow voice.
-Sorry, did we scare you? –
You denied with your head, trying to will away the surprise. Noticing that you still had the sketchbook out you placed it back inside your bag and turned to them.
-Welcome – you smiled, your eyes following the movement of the boy. –Are you looking for something? –
The boy who talked to you nodded, mentioning a long array of art supplies he was interested in, he had to be an art major or something to need all of that, so you walked around the shelves with him following your steps.
-Jin hyung, when will we finish here? –
-Just a second Jungkook, don’t be impatient – You observed the exchange between the two, Jin, the one with the mellow smile was smiling again at you, excusing the other.
Your eyes darted to the boy you had drawn, Jungkook, apparently. He truly seemed kind of bored and pulled his earphones out to listen some music while walking to the other part of the store.
-Here you have – you handed Jin his purchase and smiled. –Have a nice day –
He wished the same to you and called Jungkook, who had been lounging around one of the corners, he never gave you the impression of being the social type but now you were super sure about that fact.
You observed them walking outside, there was a familiarity between the two and they laughed about something near the door. The Jungkook’s boy face did really change with a single smile and you found yourself smiling as well unconsciously. It had been so easy to draw him that your eyes followed him until he disappeared from your sight, trying to engrave him inside your mind and promptly noting that it wasn’t all that difficult. He really was a remarkable boy.
Turned out to be that you didn’t need to think too hard to remember Jungkook, not only because you already had a drawing of him, but because he came to the store only three days after. It was a little weird since of all the times you’d seen him before, he’d never walked in until he did it with Jin.
You smiled nonetheless, trying not to look too phased by it. He walked calmly around the store and you approached him.
-Welcome, may I help you? – you greeted him softly, making him turn to look at you.
He was wearing a plaid black shirt with jeans and boots, topping it with a red beanie on his raven black hair; not that you’d been thinking about the rich blackness of it or anything.
-Oh hi - he blurted out, seemingly surprised. He was staring at you and then at the rest of the store. In all honesty he seemed out of his comfort zone. –Um…-
-Yes? – you smiled sweetly at him, not really wanting to laugh obnoxiously in front of him for how uncomfortable he seemed to be. Now your theory of him being a little impatient, gruff punk had a fault, something to add, because he was definitely a little awkward too.
-Look …- he breathed deeply, looking at your name tag. –Y/N, wait – he fished inside his pockets for a crumpled piece of paper and when he found it he gave you such a dazzling smile you had to blink twice to keep a straight face, which you maybe failed at but thanks god he was focused on whatever was written in the white square. –I need a black paper sketchbook-
You walked to pick one from the shelve and he read the rest.
-And a package of twelve fine line water-based ink pens-
-Pastels or neon ones? – you turned to Jungkook who was staring blankly at you now.
You were sure he cursed under his breath before he pulled out his phone, thing that made you giggle softly so he looked at you again and smiled sheepishly.
-I really don’t know much about these things – Jungkook seemed ashamed for it.
-I can see that – you were still giggly next to him, maybe his presence was playing funny pranks on you, but there was something about his shy smile that was so endearing.
-My hyung isn’t answering, so I guess I’ll only buy the sketchbook –
Jungkook leaved the store with only that, and this time he did say goodbye to you. You smiled more pleased than you should be for only a “see you around” and tried to not be so excited for the fact that he might come back again for the pens his hyung needed.
You were deeply concentrated in your drawing, it was Friday morning and nobody was around so you couldn’t help yourself, you had to do it. Ever since you drew Jungkook for the first time, you couldn’t seem to stop thinking about him, obsessing over your sketches because his nose was a little higher, his eyes crinkled in certain ways when he smiled and you felt that you needed to make it come alive on the paper as well. So taking the chance and the calmness inside the store, you took a sit near the windows with your sketchbook, right where the natural light was shining the best.
A new type of pens had arrived past week and you were dying to try them out, so that’s exactly what you did, and with nothing less than another drawing of him out of pure imagination and memory, it was fascinating how good looking he was, how you could portray him just right and your passion for drawing came to life easily while you drew him, this time you focused solely on his face, and his hair, partially covered with the red beanie he wore the last time he was at the store.
Time flew by and you were so caught into your drawing that you didn’t even notice, there weren’t customers around so you let your hand fly and dwell into the details until a tapping on the window made you jump on your spot, almost ruining it all.
When you turned your head you found Jungkook standing at the other side of the glass, a big grin spreading on his face and heat flared on your cheeks, there was something about that mischievous grin and the twinkling eyes that screamed I caught you and that he was very aware of what you’d been doing all along.
Jungkook was exciting his favorite music store, that lately was just convenient. He would find himself stealing glances inside the art store next to it just to see if you were there, but the thing was that you were always there, for real, and he didn’t know how he never looked inside before. Later on he would scold himself, for being such a creep, nevertheless, he would still keep sneaking glances from you.
Today though, when he saw you sitting next to the windows where he could perfectly see you, he stopped for a little while to admire you from afar. You had a captivating smile and Jungkook suspected you’d been laughing of him the last time he was inside the store which made him feel a little weird, but that wasn’t enough to stop him from searching you with his eyes.
He was glad he took that final step closer to the art store, because now he could not only see you, but also take a glance at whatever it was that you were drawing so enthusiastically. To say he was surprised was still an understatement.
He smiled cheekily and couldn’t help himself from knocking on the window to make you know he was there seeing it all, he was dying to see your expression now and you didn’t fail to amuse him while sitting there with your big surprised eyes and a pretty shade of pink blooming on your cheeks.
Jungkook entered the store with a new wave of confidence, you hadn’t moved from your previous spot so he approached you quietly.
You stared at him walking towards you at a loss of words, feeling like you should drown in one of the thousand paint pots inside the store. He sat next to you and you looked down, hugging your sketchbook for dear life.
-The least you could do is let me see – You raised your head to face him and he had a crooked smile. You only hugged your sketchbook a little tighter.
-Do you draw all your clients? – he asked curiously now.
-No, I just… you…- the words stuttered on your mouth so you kept quiet, not wanting to embarrass yourself more because you felt exposed.
Jungkook looked at you endeared by your reaction, it was cute so he lowered his head a bit to make you look at him.
-Can I please see? That’s me right? – you nodded softly and Jungkook hadn’t been more interest in art before than in that precise moment when you were keeping away a drawing from him.
-This is just… for fun- you handed him your sketchbook slowly, it felt like exposing yourself even more, exposing your passion, the thing you loved the most to a complete stranger that you’d been drawing over and over again, but still a stranger. –You have a nice face to draw – you immediately regretted saying that, might as well tell him he was attractive and that even though you were in denial you knew you had more than just a little artistic crush on him.
Jungkook was looking at you surprised, a little bashful, his cute smile made and appearance and he finally focused on the sketchbook. –Thank you, no one has said that to me before-
He wasn’t looking at your eyes because he couldn’t, he was shy.
His eyes moved around the page to assess what you’d done and he felt marveled by it. It was so good, he wasn’t an artist of that kind but you definitely were.
-May I? – he asked, motioning to turn the pages.
You nodded quietly and he saw the other three drawings you had of him. He smiled pleased, how could someone get inspired by him was a mystery he wanted to know more about.
-I don’t even look like myself there – he said and you got taken aback for a moment, before you noticed the playful stare and the naughtiness dancing around his smug smile.
-Hey! – you snatched the sketchbook from his hands. –You know they do look a lot like you, don’t make fun of my drawings-
He laughed, loud and free and before you knew both of you were positively a laughing mess inside the store.
-They’re really good, you know…- Jungkook said when the laugh died and he could finally find his voice again.
You looked at hm searching for any traces of lies, and maybe it was because you wanted to find none of it, but you believed him.
-Thank you, I try my best –
-But your best is really nice, you have talent and you should be proud of that –
You smiled at your artwork and thanked him again. – Would you like me to do a drawing of you? This time you knowing about it of course- you giggled a little and Jungkook smiled at that.
-Of course- he said faster than he might have intended. He looked at you and broke in a soft laughter. –I mean, yeah, that would be nice-
There, with the sun shining so bright against the windows he seemed even paler, the black of his hair was enticing you to run your fingers through the ebony strands, to paint them just the same. It was near lunch time and you spoke before you could chicken out.
-Would you like to have lunch with me? Is almost my break time-
You waited for his answer, your heart beating wildly and your cheeks tingling. But when he smiled, your smiled back as well.
-I would like that a lot – Jungkook licked his lips and laughed softly. –Maybe we could talk about that new drawing you’re making of me –

CREDITS: Bangtan-Spells

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