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We talked to London-based photographer David The series explores teen culture and experience from Stewart’s point of view—the awkwardness and insecurity, the search for belonging, the need to be cool. With a generation of teens hooked on the internet and technology, the work contemplates not just the virtual world they live in, but what will become of them post-highschool. Stewart celebrated the book’s launch this past month in a fashion that served as an extension of the project. The night featured live performance and details taken from themes in the book—guests entered on a cornflake carpet, pot noodles were served by teens, and teen action could be viewed through letter box peep holes.
blue blue blue... awesome
Wow her eyes is so nicee !!!
the eyes from the girl in the first shot is crazy!!! crystal bluee
People this series is not about the eyes only ;) It is about the teen emotions as well ;)
Her eyes , oh my god, how blue can it be !!