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OK, so I don't know about all of you, BUT have you ever dreamed in a different language? I have and it's the coolest thing EVER!!especially when you are understanding everything in the dream. So when I first started studying Japanese, it was hard I struggled with it for a bit. Learning Japanese was on my mind 24/7 I NEEDED to get the basics down before I left to go live in Japan. SO basically since I was thinking about Japanese non stop. I started to dream in Japanese and in each dream I started to understand more and more. Which was pretty awesome. I just recently started teaching my self korean, and just last night I dreamt in Korean it was so cool. Especially since that dream was like my own kdrama.*fangirls* I understand most korean, but my speaking is not where I want it to be yet. So the fact that I was able to speak in my kdrama dream was a big deal. wish it was a reality. (me speaking perfect korean and the kdrama life..well the part with two amazingly handsome korean men fight over me..ㅋㅋㅋ.. jk) Dreaming in other languages is so awesome. I don't know why but whenever I dream in a different language I find it so interesting that our brains could do that when we aren't conscious, especially when we are just barely starting to learn a language. Our subconscious is fluent, but we actually aren't in reality..at least not yet..lol ANYWAYS have you ever dreamed in a different language? Which language was it and what was your dream about?
I don't think I've dreamed in Korean but that's cool lol
I did dream at one point in Highschool that I had won over a crush I had had at the time by perfectly speaking fluent spanish! At the time I was just starting to learn compliments, so yeah.
Its only tiny words but yeah sometimes korean! Its so cooool!!!!
German, Russian, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, sometimes Chinese... my mind is a paradox... 😐
I have had one dream in full Japanese! It was really interesting because I too was really wanting to learn Japanese and then one night if happened! Everyone including myself was speaking Japanese but that was way before I had left to Japan haha.