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pedicure shades that are SO in right now

@miranpark88 I do too, actually. I only let it get long for manicures, then have them file it down. :D It just feels so nice to have them short. Short and clean. Lol.
@YinofYang really?? i like having my nails suuuuper shortt caz i'm always on my computer or studyingg that it's painful to write for a long time when you have really long nailssssss : ((
@miranpark88 Hahahahahahahahaha! Ohhh, geez. I let my nails grow quite a bit to get a manicure...but got so busy and they annoyed me so much, I trimmed them all waaaay down. Next week, damn it! Did you ever get your nails done? @kristenadams ?
@YinofYang sounds great : ))
@miranpark88 I don't think so, but I still have to go through everyone's cards. Weekends usually put me behind, but this weekend, especially so. I'll give it a look.