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Quotes on the posters: Won Ryu Han (Kim Soo Han): I want to go back to the times when I was still an idiot who knew nothing. Rhee Hae Rang (Park Ki Woong): We only live once so if we die, die as a legend. Rhee Hae Jin (Lee Hyun Woo): I want to stay side by side with the leader forever. The leader in Haejin's quote refers to Ryuhan. I can tell you that there will be bromance between this pair in the movie!!!! AHHHHH! And congrats Secretly Greatly for hitting 5.5 million viewers! I'm gonna catch this movie again this weekend :D
for @winterlovesong because I know you love this movie! @thatkdramalover @saharjalpari9 and @oj1992 too!
thanks for the tag :-). definitely watching this movie
yes definitely and patiently awaiting it ! Tks !
what site can i watch this please?