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Chapter 11
After about an hour of talking with Got7, Mark walked in saying he sorry to Ji. "Why are you apologizing for?" I asked "I'm sorry for causing you trouble. Since I'm a celebrity and all, some crazy fan girls could hold a grudge against you or something like that." "It's fine." I said back "That's what friends are for, right?" "To stay by each others side no matter what situation." I added. He then hugged me tight with no sign of letting go. I felt his shoulders shaking and drops hitting the floor. I started to rub his back to comfort him. *1 hour later* We all talked to each other about our worries. "I'm hungry." Yugyeom complained. "Met too" said Youngjae Then across the hall we all heard BamBam's belly growl. We all laughed while BamBam sat in the corner all embarrassed. I walked up to him and patted his back while crouching next to him. "I'll have everyone get ready to leave so we could get lunch." As soon as I said that he looked up and I saw his face brighten up. We all decided to go to a barbeque restaurant. We all sat down and ordered. I got a soup. After everyone ate and paid we all separated. Except for Mark. He insisted to walk me home. When we were walking home, Mark stood next to me and held my hand. He started to lace his fingers around mine. I squeezed his hand in return.
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