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I can say this one actually pretty confidently. The anime character I'm most like is.....
Bepo!! He's a member of the Heart Pirates and if you can't tell, he's a little different from most characters!! We're both very different from most people and it upsets both of us when we get called out.
Bepo and I look pretty...weird. We don't really fit in anywhere except with a certain group of people. For Bepo, he has the Heart Pirates and I have Vingle.
We're both overly apologetic for everything even if it isn't our fault. We always feel we're the ones at fault and always apologize....We're also extremely sensitive and can get depressed extremely easy.
People around the both of us accuse us of being weak-willed and meek. But oh boy if they knew, they'd be shocked. We're both really strong and smart but it's just hidden by layers of shyness, white fur and orange jumpsuit.
So congrats! You read my card! This is for @InVinsybyll 's challenge. Aloha!!!