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Close friends, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin, have teamed up once again as the new endorsement models for clothing brand, 'Trugen', for the fall-winter seasons to come! The two have been packaged together everywhere they go ever since starring on 'School 2013', from starring in the same magazine issue to being the double endorsement models for 'Cass Beer', so it's no surprise that 'Trugen' considered them to be inseparable. A representative commented, "We look forward to the two stars, who each have different charms, showing 'Trugen's various styles. The new endorsement models will film CFs and conduct a lot of marketing activities." Lee Jong Suk is currently keeping viewers glued to the screen in the SBS breakout drama 'I Hear Your Voice' and Kim Woo Bin is currently filming his new movie 'Friend 2'. *Does anybody know if Lee Min Ho is still with trugen????
adiós trujen ese nombre sonó en Panamá por lee min ho.
i don't know how to say on this time coz don't know have what happened but i think that he was realy tried to do it very well right now.......
@winterlovesong @mheekell it's sad :( I loved his trugen shoots! :(
por que no va renovar contrato con Trugen ?
lee min ho finished his contract in trugen?? sad if not endorsing the trugen.. trugen keep min ho for 4yrs as there endorser.. :(
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