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How do you do Vingle nakama? Today is the second day of the CAMPFIRE CHALLENGE, and today's question is, what Japanese anime came out the year you were born? I was born in 1997, I am sorry to disappoint you guys, but I wasn't watching anime at that time ;). (Reasons I love one piece are bellow) ENJOY:)
One of several reasons I love one piece is because, my giddy 19 year old side drools over the sexy voices, and nicely toned bodies. YUMMMMMY :)
My next reason is that one piece can go from freaking hilarious to (Next Slide)
Serious as hell in no time flat. Not only does it mesh well, it also provided an excellent source of comic relief.
My final reason for loving One Piece is the beautifully orchestrated back stories that send floods of emotions throughout your body that make you want to leap out of your seat to help, comfort, or joke along with the characters. (Thank you for reading and I hope you all are doing swell) @InVinsybll
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Good year!! One Piece is king!!