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Hello battle Nakama!!

Here we are, Sunday to Sunday we made it all the way to the Championship round of the Super Easter Sunday Rise from the Dead Tournament! Thank you so much to everyone who participated it's been a lot of fun. The winner of this fight will be crowned the Easter champion!

It's the Demon King Piccolo vs The Prince of Darkness Alucard!

Now a look back at how these two got here!


Piccolo started this tournament against Guts in a physical battle. Guts put up a big fight against the Namakian trading blow for blow even taking a commanding lead. Piccolo would come back with his intellect finding a way to stop the demon slayer and moving on to the semifinal round. Piccolo when then go on to face the Kishin Asura in a classic battle of good vs evil. Asura thrives on fear but unfortunately for him Piccolo has no fear. With a straight face and using his power and intelligence he took a commanding lead over Asura. Asura would get in a few shots but without his insanity effecting Piccolo, Piccolo would stop Asura in his tracks and move on to the championship round.

Piccolo has fought hard thus far but has his biggest challenge ahead of him. He's going to need all the strength he could muster and perhaps some old tricks to pull this off!


Alucard's toughest fight came in his first round against Madara Uchiha. It was crazy vs crazy and power vs power. Alucard quickly took the lead but Madara with his strong chakra started fighting back. Unfortunately for Madara his strong attacks and his Ten-Tails form was not enough to keep the monster down. Alucard's beast form was just to much for the Uchiha and Madara was Devoured Alucard's second match was much different. Alucard would face Ichigo Kurosaki with Ichigo in full hollow form. You might think that as a hollow Ichigo would stand a chance but it was not meant to be. Alucard simply destroyed Ichigo with absolutely no fight from the substitute Soul Reaper. The fight was called early due to mercy ruling but it might of been to late for Ichigo.

Can anyone stop this monster? Is Alucard simply unbeatable? Will he be the first Easter champion? Let's find out!

It's up to you now!! Who will be our Easter champion?! Can Piccolo stop the monster known as Alucard? Vote in the comments below!! Thank you for reading everyone and have a great day!

*poker face* Dracula backwards.
I gotta agree with @Miniyeti. I'm sure he's reached new levels of power. if not that. Probably blow a pretty big chunk off the face of the earth.
piccolo he can destroy the planet in his current state and simply live on new namkek
Alucard for the win
alucard has got this.
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