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Ex-boyfriend POV I followed and watched Mark and Veronica. Envious of their easy friendship, just like the past. When I was with those tow I always felt like a third wheel. It was when Mark left that one time that Veronica and I's friendship blossomed and became more. He returned and then we became the three Musketeers. Mark was oblivious during those times of how I teared Veronica's self esteem down and how I rocked their friendship. She began avoiding him and he took off to become a trainee. In that time I challenged her values to the core and made her believe I was the only one that would ever love and care about her. She then began to fight back and left me. I became more obsessive with her. I started to abuse her and use my strength to overpower her and her defenses. If it wasn't for her brothers and those two guys she would still be with me today. The fury radiating off my body as I see those two jerks embrace Veronica in a hug and joke with her radiates from me. I see the look Mark gives them, he doesn't really trust them because jealousy is written on his face of their friendship. This might be more difficult than I thought but she will be mine again soon.
Mark's POV We arrived at his studio. I really don’t have a problem with these two guys that Veronica adores. I am just jealous of the friendship they have. They met while I lived away from California. What I can guess in a time of need for Veronica. I know something bad happened to her because her older and younger siblings told me to look out for her and that she is more gragile than the front she puts on. I considered her as my own flesh and blood sister. I was so happy to catch up with her this past year. She pretty much avoided me these past two years. She smiles wides but then looks down and bites her lip in worry. Everyone notices. "What's wrong Noona," "What's wrong Peaches" we all say together. She just shakes her head, "I'll tell you in a second. Just give me a moment." I put my arm around her and smile down at her encouragingly. I rub her tense shoulder. "So I've been receiving carnations with creepy and weird card messages. I already asked my boyfriend he only sends me tulips since they are my favorite flower. It's like when I go to work I feel someone watching but when I look there is no one there. It reminds me of those times." I see Jellybean and Marshmallow faces full with concern than anger. "I'm sure it's not him. I don't think he would come here to Korea and then be able to find you," they both say. I look at them in confusion. "I don't think it's my ex either. If it's not him then I have a new admirer that I don't want. So that's why I want to spar. I want to brush up on my skills I promise never to feel powerless again." I don't know who her ex is because she never told me. It hurts my heart to know she was in an abusive relationship and is now getting cryptic messages. "JR and I will make sure you and ash never walk home alone, Noona. Don't worry we will protect you." She gives me a small smile. "OK Markie, you are first up with me than Marshmallow and Jellybean." We spar for a little. She really has gotten better since those days. I sent a message to my dad that Veronica really didn't take it easy on me. He respond back that's our girl. She will never fall victim again. Hmm seems like my dad knows what happened to V and won't tell me about it either. It must have been pretty bad. I watch her graceful moves against Marshmallow and then realize she did take it easy on me because her moves become angrier. Jellybean comes and sits by me. "You know I don't hate you right. I just don't have respect for the company you and Peaches work for because of how they treated me. I admire you and glad she has you in her corner. She will be mad that I'm telling you this but her ex is a friend that you are close to from the states and that is all I'm going to say because she don't want to mess up your friendship with him." "How can she think I would want to be friends with anyone that would hurt my sister," I ask with tears glistening in my eyes. He pats my shoulder, "He destroyed every ounce of self worth she had. So she feels like she doesn't have value with anyone. I'm just happy she decided to date again. I met her at the end if that relationship while I was in the states. She had decided to fight back and leave and was taking her anger and pain out on anyone especially ales all except her family. I saw her again in some counseling and I heard her story I knew she was so strong and brave. A few weeks later her ex almost killed her and she had called me and I ran with Marshmallow and her brother. We almost lost her. We became friends after I saved her with comforting and kind words and love. She still needs those every once in awhile. She also started training in martial arts again and I let her beat the crap out of me and that's when we solidified our friendship. So please let her boyfriend know I am not a threat to their relationship. She adores him. When she talks about him her whole voice and demeanor changes." He looks up at Veronica and Marshmallow. I see that V, has him on the ground and he's tapping out. I smile. The man next to me gets up and goes to help out his friend of the ground. "It's my turn," he said. Veronica takes her tank top off and I gasp. She has scars across her stomach and back that I've never seen before. My eyes water. She is so strong and brave and doesn't realize it. She must went easier before on Marshmallow I turn to him. "Why does she call you marshmallow?" "She says I'm gooey on the inside like a marshmallow especially if that Marshmallow is burnt on the outside. It's like I present a cold facade all hard and black but if you are someone I care about my insides all gooey and sticky and messy especially when you add other ingredients." He and I both laugh. "Yeah that's something she would say but why jellybean for him?" He really laughs "Because she can't stand Jellybeans but everyone else she know loves them but she likes looking at jellybeans and that's pretty much how she felt about him when she met him." I laugh too and then I turn my attention back to them. She is going all out and beating him up and he just grimaces every once in awhile and when she pulls back he goes an attacks her hhar making her realize he is not a friend at the moment and enemy. At the end he is covered in bruises and she is crying over him. "I am sorry J, I'm sorry!" "Peaches, don't be sorry just get stronger, so no one can hurt you again." He leans up and wraps her in a hug. We all go to the showers and change.
My Pov I am not as angry or scared as i was before sparing. I just am now exhausted and I want to see my Jr. I think Mark and I will skip movie night. I come out of the locker room in new sweats, a tshirt and my glasses on. I walk over to the guys and they laugh at my tshirt. "Your shirt b is so true," Mark says. I laugh and grin at him. "I'm sorry I'm just too tired for movie night can we get a raincheck." "Ne," they all say. Mark and I had to his dorm. "Please don't say anything to anyone about the scars or what I've been through. I now J, told you!" He looks at me bewildered "Which one of our past friends was it?" "No, I'm not telling you. Ok? One day I will but not right now." He huff but says fine. But my legs are like jelly and really is hard for me to walk. Mark n it ices and leans down. "Get on my back I'll carry you there." Minutes later we arrive at the dorm and Bam Bam answers. I smile at him sleepily. "Jinyoung, I'm here." Jr comes running. Mark slowly let's me down. I was about to fall when I felt hands steadying me. I look up and smile at the most precious human to me Jr. "Angel, you are here much earlier than n I expected." He says and leans down and kisses my forehead. "I missed you and was too tired after sparring all the boys. My legs felt like jello." Jr looks at Mark questionly. "She kicked all our asses. She is scary." Jr pucks me up bridal style and carries me to his room. He lays me down on his bed and soon he follows. I snuggle into him. and wrap an arm around his waist as I listen to his heartbeat. It calms all my fray nerves. "I love you Jinyoung, and I feel the safest in your arms. I hope you never forget that." I feel his fingers playing in my hair. I felt his heart stop then accelerated when I uttered those words to him. I felt him bring my hand around his waist up to his lips and press a kiss to it. "Veronica, my angel, I love you too. I hope you always feel it and remember it." I look up at him. I take my hand and cup his cheek, I lean up and press a kiss to his lips. He wraps his arms around me. He deepens the kiss and I sigh. I lay down on top of him and he just holds me as I cry. "Angel, why are you crying?" I explained to him how I am so happy I met him and how cherished, live and protected I fell wrapped up in his arms and our relationship. I divulge about my ex boyfriend and the abusive relationship. I tell him about my scars and how I received those in different arguments and how some of. them was from when the ex raped me. He cries with me but never once removes me from his embrace. He cradles me and tells me how I am the most important person to him. He rubs circles on my back and whispers words of love in my ear until I fall asleep.
So I hope you have figured out who Jellybean and Marshmallow are and if not don't worry next installment you will... So My lovely readers there are 4-6 more chapters in this Follow me got7 fan fic. I will write another Fanfic after this but this week I will be writing one shots on the days of each member so look out for that. This week I have decided to make each of the members a fallen angel who came to earth after falling for you (the reader.) OK I promise the next chapters will be up in this week or next.
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