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I look at the boys... are they really serious of what they just said. Keeping then both... wait.. no way! "You guys joking right?" "Not really, we both like you" "But that sounds like im just a hoe" "Then you must choose who then, and you no hoe. Just one lucky woman." *Lucky?* I look at my drink... no i need to think and choose between them. Sounds good and bad to keep them both... ughh Oh Ja-ni think!!! "I will need time to think, this is too much." "Ok, But we must go because they are about to close." We all stand. And left the place. I cant even concentrate to where im walking. What they was talking literally got stuck in my head. Both?? Are they fucking high!!?? Oh lord help me please. This cant be happening. I feel like everything is in one room. We all go inisde the van. The driver took me home first. As i get off the van i wave by to the boys. Two at once?? I shake my head. I open the door to enter inside my place. As i open it wider, i saw TOP sitting on the sofa talking to Tony. My eyes pops open. "Oppa?" "Hey Oh Ja-ni" "What your doing here?" "Well i came here looking for you" "Sorry if i have you wait to long" "Nah, i am actually having a good time with your roommate" "Im glad he is behaving" Tony giggles as i giggle along with him. "So what's up? Why your all they here?" "May we talk in private?" "Yes. Tony leave and TOP you may come inside to my room." TOP enters inside my room. He starts to look around. "You won't find nothing" "Nah, just looking around and seeing what changed" "Nothing, i still love pink" "i can see that" "Whats wrong?" "I've heard your leaving, I know you just join YG, but justbwamted to make sure your ok with this" "Yes, anyways i didn't got accepted at the school in New York. And i really want to do this" "Awsome. Ohh also before i forget. Umm Taeyang is goimg to try to talk to your mom tomorrow." "Hopefully she will listen this time" "I dont understand why she soo pushy" "She just wanted her dreams to come true. Like i also want to be musician, but this takes time. Not everything will go as it is plan" "True. But wait,, you need to practice alot. The concert is around the corner." "Yes. I need to make some time and start practicing" "I know you will do great" "Thanks oppa. Ohh i got aomething to ask you." "Tell away" "What will you do if you fall for two women and you cant choose but the girls decided for you to keep them both. What will you do?" TOP looks at me like i have two faces. Its obvious im in that situation. Then he smiles. "To be honest, i would keep both. Like im a man. Two women at once... whoo thats a beautiful fantasy." "Do yoy want to get smacked or punched?" "No no.. nothing !!! haha im sorry Oh Ja-ni, just i want that.. but ok. seems like your in that situation. With who though?" "Seungri and Jiyong" "DAMNNN GIRL!!" "What?!" "Thats a perfect combo. Keep both" "Why should I?" "Because i know they wont treat you like a hoe, cuz even if you fuck them both separately or together. They dont have that set of mind to treat you lile one." "TOP it does feel like im a hoe!! Im fucking two men at the same time" "Did someone said fucking two men" Tony yelled through the wall. "Tony, shut up before i rib your ears off" "Shutting up!!" TOP giggles and I smack him on his shoulder. "Come on oppa. Help me out!" "Oh Ja-ni, follow what you want. It's your life. You only live once. Soon things will settle down. Never know if one might leave. To be honest this is just a lust-love relationship. Have fun" I look at TOP, which is some what true.. this is a lust-love relationship. Having them both will be a crazy ride. Oh my god what the hell am i thinking about. "I got to go. We got alot of practice soon and i wamt to sleep all day tomorrow." "Ok oppa." "Hopefully your mom comes around" "Me too. Bye oppa" I hug TOP as he leaves the place. When i close the door, i saw Tony standing by his bedroom door. He gives me a diva look. I smile. "Tony not a word. I think you heard everything" "Mmhhhmmm. Goodnight Ja-ni" He goes inisde the room giggling. As i enter my room, i close the door behind me and then i sat on the bed. *A lust - Love relationship*
Taeyang I am still struggling to know of what to say to Ja-ni's mom. She is one tough woman.. I walk towards her home. As i enter she was in tje porch sitting down amd rocking her chair as she drinks tea. Im nervous. I feel like I might get scold. "Good Morning" "Ohh morning Taeyang. What brings you here?" "How you doing today?" "Im good, boy. Just today is my husbands anniversary, and i just waiting for the family to arrive" "True ." "Taeyang?" "Yes ma'am" "What brings you here?" "Its about Oh Ja-ni" "I told you before, not to talk about her here, especially in front of me" "please hear me out" She stands from tje chair amd goes inside the house. I follow her. I want her to break this hate between her and her daughter. "Please just listen to me" "What for?" "Why you hate your daughter this great?" "I dont hate my daughter, i love her but ever since she got disqualified at LA , she never once called. She never remembered her father's anniversary. She left me alone. So i will leave her alone" "You cant do that. She probably has a reason of why she didnt reached you. A reason of why did of what she did" She lools at me and she starts to show some feelings. Her eyes got watery. "She is one very talented woman. Remember i told you that im in a famous music entertainment company" "Yes YG right." "Yes, its YG. well Oh Ja-ni got accepted into that company." She looks at me with a blank clear face. Her eyes starts to fill in with tears. "She is in YG" "Yes. She did alot of work to be accepted. Well she kind a sneaked in" "Sneaked in?!" "She pretended to be a guy because its a all boy band, she got the highest votes on auditions by the public, and then soon we found out she was a girl, but our CEO accepted her back, because she is very talented." "Wow... she had to lied" "Our CEO is no joke. Trust me" She lost her balance, and i quickly grabbed her and help her sit down. I ran to the kitchen and bring back a glass of water for her. "Taeyang..." "Yes." "Do you have any idea how much i miss my daughter?; I may havr been harsh on her, but sometimes we got to be like this in a way to oush our children to do better or what they failed." "Didnt thought about that. But now it makes sense. " "She wanted to go to LA for the school. She always wanted to be musician and a singer. I sometimes force her, but sje wanted that dream and she felt like a failure. So I had to push her and force her. I knew she had it in her, but sje was just to scared." "You did a good job, look where she is.. Now i know today is her fathers anniversary. Will it be nice if she comes?" "Yes. Please Taeyang. Bring my little girl home" "I will. I promise. I will be back soon with your daughter" I give her a warm hug and she smiles at me. Then i left the house and jump into my car. I drove as fast as possible to Oh Ja-ni's place. I feel so excited to be able to re unite a mother and a daughter together, after 6 yrs. I park my car outside and start running inside her place. I started knocking on the door. "Oh Ja-ni!! Oh Ja-ni!!! Open up, its me Taeyang!!" The door unlocks and she is half asleep. "Whats the matter Taeyang?" "Its your mom" "What!!! What happened Taeyang!!?" "She wants to see you" She then slaps me ... whoa whyy she slapping me. "You freaking idiot, you almost gave me a fucking heart attack, i thought something bad happened to my mom" "Im soo sorry. just too excited!!" She goes to the kitchen and grabs a glass of water. I explain to her about what i siad to her mom and her mom wamted to see her. "Today is my dads anniversary, this will be the first time i will see my father. Im actually nervouse" "Go get ready, the family already arrived and she is probably waiting for you." "Ok. Be right back!"
I jump inside Taeyang's car. During the drive, my emotions are all over the place. I haven't hugged my mother for 6 years. I never gave her a kiss or held her hands. Then we arrive at my mother's place. As i enter inside the house. I see my family, which i havent seen or made contact. I bow low and try to hold my emotions. I stand and i see my mother ahead of me. My eyes got watery. Theres jo way i can hold it. I walk towards my mom. I knee down in front of her and place my hands on my legs.. I try fighting the tears, but i couldn't. " mother" My tears falls and then i feel her hand smooth my hair. She then grabs my head and gently place it to her. I couldnt hold it. I wrap my arms around her leg and cry. Like a child holding on to the mother's leg. Hoping to never let go. "Im sorry my dear child. Im so sorry for being this harsh. Please forgive me" I stand and smile at her. I wipe the tears of her face. "Mother, you did nothing wrong. I know you did whats best for me." "But you never called me?" "I apologize mother. I was very depressed and i didnt wanted you to hear me in that situation" My mother hugs me and i rest my head on her shoulder. Her tears hit my bavk like knifes. Her warmth and her love, is what i miss the most. "Come on .. lets visit your father." We walked two blocks down from the house to where the cementary is. As we got closer to where my father is.. i feel like i am about to faint. I started to feel light headed and fuzzy. Then i saw the rest of the family where he is and i also saw Big Bang and M5K. As we got close. I saw my Father's picture on the stone. His name written with his dates and what broke my heart is seeing him putting a phrase he use to say to me. "Fullfill your dreams, princess" I fall to the floor, my heart beats fast and i put my face down to his stone. "Daddy...Daddy. im sorry. Im sorry i came to late, but I've made it daddy, i fullfill my dreams" I never cried this way in my life, since the day of my father's death. My mother smooths out my back as i tried to collect myself.
I feel fresh to be able to at my home. I wemt inside my old room and i saw how everything stayed at the same place. I see all my Big Bang posters and i just laugh. "Boys,, come here" The crew comes inside and big bang laugh as they saw the posters. "These are still hang, damnn girl you was definitely a v.i.p" Daesung said as he looks the posters Then i found my first Big Bang concert ticket, which was when they did Still alive concert. I show them all my stuff from the night. Thier signatures and their shirts and merchandizes. "let just say that i was a real fan" I laugh as they see all my collection. They wowed and enjoy the collections. Then my mother called us to eat. We ate together, i saw my mother smiling bright as she is putting food down on the table. How i miss this. How i miss seeing my mother smile and be able to taste her food again, which i miss the most.
I know this chapter is short.. but dont complain... the


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Yaaaaay these reports are just gonna keep on going till the rest of the story πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lmao "that makes me sound like a hoe" "then choose one then, and you no hoe" IF SHE AINT A HOE WHY WOULD YOU SUGGEST THAT!?!? High high in the sky bitch, that's what's up.... They are so cool about this suggestion I sweeeeaaarrrr.... The part where she asks for advice, I can just imagine what top of thinking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ SEE??!! HES WANTING A THREESOME YOU DIRTY BASTARD At what time did top stop by? Cause clearly he's been hanging out with Tony too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "DAMNNN GIRL!!" TONY WHAT THE FU~ pffffffttttHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "did someone say fucking two men?" "She left me alone. So I will leave her alone" BITCH SHE COULDVE BEEN BUSY ADJUSTING TO THE PLACE AND COULDNT CALL YOU FOR A FEW DAYS, WHAT KIND OF MOTHER BECOMES IMPATIENT WITH HER CHILD??? *raises hand* why I said that γ… γ… 
IMMA CONTINUE. STILL! This story is too good to just read.... Awww ok the mother has decent reasons πŸ™ŒπŸ» Taeyang your so cute saving the day reuniting a mother and daughter together Awww πŸ’•πŸ’• Calm down YB why in such a rush? She will come with you to see her mother just calm down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ALERT: emotional feels coming this way, contain feels and tears Oh ok now Ja-ni has a decent reason ok I'm just here making up conflicts and ruining moments ;-; Oh my god that GD Gif is phenomenal πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’• Ok now it's complete ;-; I still fucked up... IM SO EXCITED FOR THE FINAL CHAPTER!!! I honestly don't know what I would think or do if she a fault chooses both like....I said it before...pick one I'll take the another, doesn't matter which.... πŸ’•πŸ’• ARGH THIS STORYYYYY!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
Reunited and it feels so good!!!!!!! That scene with Ja-nai and her mother brought me to tears!!!!! That was too beautiful!!!! And now i know that T.O.P is a bonified freak!!!!
Ugh girl..... I didn't need these kinda feels first thing in the am...... Who will she pick?? Or will she listen to Tony and TOP and have both......
I love this chapter!! It brought tears to my eyes!!
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