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Yet another thing that is proving America is no longer the "best" at anything. Sexual education in America doesn't only leave a lot to be desired, it literally teaches our children incorrect information based on misogyny and backwards religious beliefs that should be kept separate between church and state. While we're being taught that any girl who has sex is dirty and used, and sex is impure and your one way ticket to hell, European counties are ACTUALLY teaching about consent, relationships, and proper protection. Watch the video below that really points out all the differences.
Haven't we always said that knowledge is power? Because I just really can't understand how someone thinks that not arming high schoolers with the knowledge of condoms is going to protect anyone. After this video I am so curious about what the rates of date rape are between America and Europe.
I saw this last night and thought it was so interesting! Considering my graduating class had a teacher/student sex scandal and yet they still didn't think it necessary to teach us how to properly put on a condom, I'd say we have a LONG way to go when it comes to sex ed.
Knowledge is definitely power- which is why nobody is sharing it!