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@midnightdarknes no the rasengan is pure chakra, the rotation is a change in chakra shape, the rasenshuriken is what Naruto created after he adds his wind chakra
2 years ago·Reply
change in chakra nature
2 years ago·Reply
@ReaperSteel still its considered to be a wind style move because of the chakras rotaion
2 years ago·Reply
its not wind style @midnightdarknes, look it up or rewatch the episodes or something, if it was wind, it would be called wind style rasengan, but its not, its pure chakra, kakashi doesn't have a wind chakra nature, he's lightning, thats why he can't use rasenshuriken
2 years ago·Reply
shit i forgot about that one lol for some reason i was thinking kakashi had 3 chakra natures
2 years ago·Reply