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Hello Vinglers! I happened to come across some nice Fairy Tail Arc photos that I thought I could have a lil fun with! Each photo has a the theme that each Fairy Tail Arc had! To test your Fairy Tail fan knowledge I thought I could ask you to comment below TWO things from the Arc's! 1.) Name all the Arc's you know (all if possible) 2.) (This one is mainly for the Fairy Tail shippers!) After naming the Arc. Name a ship moment that happened in the Arc! {With one condition!} The ship has to have an actual moment! Meaning it can not be a ship that was made for love of the two characters.(ex: Lisanna & Bickslow, Even though I ship these two they have not had a moment in the actual series so sadly these two do not count) Now that the rules have been applied I look foward to seeing who is a crazy Fairy Tail fan just like me! (P.S) Yes this might cause a war due to my second question but I just want to see who is paying attention xD If things do get out of hand I will comment on the issue and hopefully resolve the issue..... So Let the Game Begin!
they all made me cry just I don't remember the names of the arcs
I love the devil is a part timer
**I will come back and do this when I'm more caught up** LOL
@AtisutoMeru Yay I guessed right! I had a feeling it was lol
@AimeBolanos I thought they would have been a little more creative with the name. xD
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