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Genre: Mafia AU
Pairing: I don’t even know anymore
Others Characters in Chapter: Yoongi, Jimin
Length: 3495 words
Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy
Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be
Part: 18/?
Y/n's POV
To my surprise, even after Jungkook’s warning, Taehyung burst out laughing.
Shut up you idiot! They’ll hear you.
“Nice one”, he chuckled. He stopped laughing and let go off my arm, only to grab hold of my neck. Tightly.
“Y/n babe. If you were gonna shoot me, you would have done it this morning after than little stunt you pulled”, he growled, while I just choked and coughed in response. I was pushing him with my free hand, but he wouldn’t budge.
What the fuck do these gang members EAT? They’re so bloody strong.
“And Jungkook”, he continued “What the fuck are you doing? You know full well we come first.”
He slowly bought me towards him, only to slam me into the wall again. Ow.
“Especially before these whores.” Who the fuck are you calling a whore you slimy son of a-
“Taehyung. I asked you to let her go. She’s here to save us.” Jungkook bluffed, interrupting my angry thoughts in the process.
“Fuck off with your lies Jungkook”, Taehyung spat.
“Let..go! I can’t…breathe!”, I gasped.
“MINAH’S DAD IS ON HIS FUCKING WAY TO KILL US NOW LET HER GO!”, Jungkook yelled, making Taehyung jump. To my relief, he let go, and I fell to my knees, taking in as much air as I could.
I could hear more footsteps in the distance. It had to be Jin and Hoseok. And sure enough…
“What the fuck did I just hear?”, Jin demanded. Him and Hoseok were holding their phones to use as a source of light. I could now see Jungkook’s shadow. He was stood a mere two or three metres away.
I slowly, shakily, got up to my feet. “What you just heard”, I croaked, “Is that if you wanna stay here for much longer, you’re going to end up dead.” The gun was still in my hand, but I was feeling the need to use it less and less.
“Was that a threat, bitch?”, Jin hissed.
“No. It was a warning. Yoongi called Minah’s dad and told him your gang was responsible for her death. And that you’re all here.”
“Shit”, Hoseok muttered. “Let’s go boss!”
“Wait a minute”, Jin interjected. The look of disbelief on Hoseok’s face would have been funny if the circumstances weren’t so dire.
“Why the fuck would we trust you? You wouldn’t just willingly tell us Yoongi’s plan like that. What’s your game?”
I sighed. I was getting angry. “Jesus Christ. I try to save your life and you want to stand around playing 20 questions? Does it LOOK like this is part of a plan? I’m stuck here with you maniacs-”
Taehyung made a move to grab me and from the corner of my eye I saw Jungkook move at the same time, probably to stop him. But I dodged Taehyung and Jin motioned for him not to do that again.
“As I was saying”, I carried on. “I’m stuck here too. And I don’t really fancy dying. In fact, if you lot wanna stay until he catches you, be my guest.” With a litlle wave, I started moving in Jungkook’s direction- the direction of the exit. “See ya.”
Before I could take another step, Jin grabbed my wrist and whirled me around. I gasped in shock and put my gun up instinctively. Jin forced my hand back down so the gun face the floor, with a grin on his face.
He looked over my shoulder to where Jungkook was standing. “I’ll deal with you later, for making off like that.” He then turned to look down at me.
“As for you”, he breathed. I could feel his warmth breath on my skin. “The second I find out you’re lying, I’m going to cut off your pretty little fingers one by one. Then we’ll see how you hold a gun.” He held my hand up as if to inspect the fingers.
He bent down to my ear. “Then I’’ cut off your clever little tongue so you can’t lie ever again..” As he said that, he wiped his thumb across my lips.
I just stared at him wide-eyed, before curtly replying, “I’m not lying.”
Jin chuckled, and walked over to stand next to Jungkook, who was stood there stiffly, staring at me. Taehyung and Hoseok followed suit, so the four of them were stood there facing me, observing me.
Why isn’t Jungkook saying anything? Then I realised- if he spoke back to Jin, it probably wouldn’t end well for him. Or me. Or both.
Hoseok still had his phone screen on, so everyone was bathed in this ominous glow.
“You sure know how to pick em don’t you?”, Jin remarked.
Ok, that’s it.
“You have dementia?”, I asked, throwing him off guard. “You picked me out for him.”
Jin narrowed his eyes at me dangerously. “You’re really testing me, little girl.”
Little girl? He can’t be THAT much older than me, geez.
But I zoned out from his threat. Something in the window had caught my eye. The rest of them had their backs to it, so only I could see it. I looked back at Jin to make it look like I was listening to his crap- but I just didn’t want anyone turning around.
Y/n, you’re just imagining things. Calm the hell down.
I took another look, just to make sure.
But no, it was still there. A tuft of orange hair, in the bottom right hand corner of the window. Ah crap.
Yoongi’s POV
The taxi driver was a lot easier to deal with than Yoongi expected. One wave of his magic metal wand and the man had sped away in fear, not even shutting his car door properly. Jimin chuckled beside him.
Yoongi eyed him- he was already looking better but he needed food or drink inside him. He remembered where y/n had put the water bottle in the van, so he decided the first thing he would do is get Jimin some water.
They had asked the taxi driver to stop about two minutes away, so the people in the warehouse didn’t hear the noise of an engine. The two men silently speed-walked (well Jimin speed-limped), to get to y/n as quick as they could.
The van was unlocked,and to Yoongi’s relief the water was still there. He handed the bottle to a confused Jimin. “Drink”, he urged. Jimin complied but was still looking at Yoongi questioningly.
He probably isn’t used to me looking out for him, Yoongi thought. He knew Jimin and Namjoon had always seen him as this cold, hard man, which he was, but of course he cared for them. Every leader cares for his men.
They crept over to the nearest window, and Jimin tried to look in. “The lights are still off, I can’t see anything.”
“Get down!”, Yoongi hissed. Idiot. “Do you want them to see you?” Jimin bent down slightly, his pain scrunched up in pain.
They tried listening in, but couldn’t. “Do we go in through the back?”, Jimin asked, eyeing Yoongi’s pokerface.
Yoongi took a deep breath. “There’s four of them. Two of us. That would be stupid. Plus, not a lot we can do if we can’t see.”
Jimin’s face lit up. “Well, sneak in and open the lights then. And run back. I’ll be too slow.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes.” And what if I bump into them on the way to the office?”
Jimin stared. “It’s pitch black boss. They can’t see you. Plus, you’ll hear them coming from a mile away. C’mon, we came to get y/n, so let’s get her already.”
Y/n’s POV
I was disappointed in Jungkook. On his own, or even in front of other gang members, he was prepared to show me he cared. But where Jin was involved, he became that stiff, uncaring boy who shot at me. The boy who wanted me dead.
I swallowed harshly. You are not going to cry y/n.
Besides I had other things to think about. Like what the hell Jimin was doing outside. I had to get out there, but I didn’t know how.
The men had started talking amongst themselves, with only part of their attention on me.
I slowly started to make my way to the door. And when I say slowly, I mean slowly.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Taehyung snapped. I really didn’t like this boy. Looks aside, he was a pain in the ass. Not to mention violent- my throat still hurt from him gripping it.
“Bathroom.” I replied simply. “My time of the month.” I knew Jungkook knew I was lying, but I was hoping he would stay quiet. The others didn’t question me as I walked off.
I heard Taehyung say “someone should go with her”, and rolled my eyes. Next was the tricky part. Now I was in the dark, out of their line of site, I had to open the door and slip outside without any of them knowing.
I took the opportunity when someone, I think it was Hoseok, said “Look at this”. I shut the door silently behind me. Didn’t want Jin to hear us outside.
Once outside I turned left and ducked from the window. There he was, facing away from me, kneeling on the ground, gun in hand. Jimin.
I cleared my throat quietly. Jimin whirled around pointing the gun at me, and I held my hands up in mock surrender, whilst grinning at him. As soon as he recognised me, he lowered the weapon and returned the smile.
I couldn’t help it- whilst the two of us were still kneeling I leaned it and hugged him. He hugged back even tighter. “Jimin! I’m so glad you’re alive. You have no idea-”
“Shhh” he cut me off gently, stroking my back. I buried my head deeper into the crook of his neck. “Of course I’m alive y/n.” He doesn’t even look like he got shot.
“How did you get here?” I asked him. “And where’s Yoongi?”
“Taxi.” His chest vibrated as he chuckled. I pulled away to see if he was joking. “Taxi?”
“Yeah. There were no cars going past. So we called a taxi. Didn’t even have to pay after he saw Yoongi’s gun.”
I shouldn’t have found that funny, but I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. “You’re so bad”, I giggled.
“Not as bad as your ex”, he exclaimed. I brushed off the fact that he was referring to Jungkook as my ‘ex’. “What do you mean?”
Jimin raised an eyebrow at me. “We only threatened that driver. But Jungkookie in there”, he pointed at the window, “Killed a biker to get here. I could hear Jin shouting when they found the body.”
All laughter was forgotten as the blood drained from my face. “Don’t look so shocked babe, it’s what he does for a living”, Jimin mused.
“And to answer your second question”, he continued, “Yoongi went in there to turn on the lights, so we could see you. But there’s clearly no need now. I suppose we’re making it easier for Minah’s lot to get them… How’d you get out here anyway?”
“Told them I needed the bathroom- time of month. Boys always get scared by that.” I spoke quickly, not wanting to waste any more time. Jimin silently laughed. “You should duck lower Orange. The reason I’m out here is because I saw your hair from the window.”
I looked around swiftly to check we were still in the clear. “It was dangerous for you guys to come. Minah’s dad is gonna be here soon. You should get the van and go”, I spoke in a serious tone.
“Yoongi knows I could hold them off for enough time, he shouldn’t have come back. And he certainly shouldn’t have bought you here, with your back and all. I mean, have you even had the wounds sterilised?”
Jimin was looking at me strangely. He moved in closer. “You worry too much babe. Everything’s gonna be fine.”
What’s he doing? I wondered as his hand moved to my cheek, caressing it. I revelled in his gentle touch. ‘Gentle’ was not a word I had associated with Orange, so it felt nice.
“Jimin”, I breathed, our faces now inches apart. “What are y-”
His lips cut off the rest of my sentence. He was forceful but soft at the same time. I moaned quietly at the sensation. His hands were pressing down on my thighs, both of our guns now on the floor next to us. I gripped his hair and pulled him in, wanting more.
He pulled away, breathless. “I shouldn’t be doing this”, he muttered. “Yoongi would hurt you if he found out.”
It took a minute for me to take in this information. “What?” I was more breathless than he was. His lips were at my ear, hands still groping my thigh. “I can’t have you, cus he wants you. That’s the rules baby girl.” His whispering was leaving me unbelievably aroused.
“I once broke the dating rule and the girl ended up dead.” Woah, Orange had a girlfriend… I knew this was getting off-topic, but I had to ask. “Yoongi killed her?”
Jimin shook his head, brushing my hair from my face. “Yoongi fucked her. I killed her.” Holy shit. These guys really don’t play around.
Jimin must have seen the expression on my face, because he changed the subject.
“Three different gang members at once”, he chuckled. “That’s a dangerous game you’re playing.” He took my ear lobe between his teeth, making me gasp.
From the window, we could see the lights starting to flicker. “Shit”, I muttered. “I should go back in.”
Jimin nodded, loosening his grip on my thigh. I started moving away, grabbing a gun from the floor. “Hey babe?” I whirled around to listen to him. “This encounter stays between us.” I nodded, biting my lip. He winked and smirked at me. “See you in a bit.”
I sneaked back in amidst the confusion, and hoped Yoongi was almost out of the warehouse. That small chat with Jimin had left me so confused. I thought this whole time that Jimin was just a massive flirt. mean, a good looking flirt, but still a flirt.
When the lights stopped flickering, all the men were staring at me. I had managed to move back to the place I was stood in before when they were all distracted by the lights.
I started feeling really self concious, so I asked “What?”
“Where the fuck did that gun come from?”, Jin demanded. “And what the fuck happened to your thighs?”, Jungkook growled after him.
I looked down at the gun. Shit. I mentally facepalmed. In my rush, I had picked up Jimin’s gun, not the small pistol I had before.
I looked at my thighs. SHIT. Jimin had been gripping them to tightly, the shape of his palm and fingers was still imprinted onto each thigh.
There was only one thing I could thing to do. Run.
I whirled around and started pelting full speed towards the west wing- if Yoongi was still in the warehouse he’d be in the east wing, so I couldn’t run there.
But I didn’t get very far. I heard a gunshot. I felt a burning pain, spreading from my left arm, to the rest of my body. I heard Taehyung shouting “Woah good shot!”, with glee.
And I was falling. But this time it wasn’t liberating at all. No, this time I felt trapped.
Jimin’s POV
Jimin had to let her go. He knew it wasn’t going to end well if either Yoongi or that bastard Jungkook found out they’d kissed.
As the lights came on Jimin risked taking a peek. There she was, stood looking up at the four men, who to Jimin’s relief were facing away from him.
Wait a minute…Shit. Jimin looked at the familiar object in her hand and paled. She was holding his gun. His eyes scanned her whole being and he noticed slight bruises on her thighs.HAND-SHAPED bruises. Now, he felt sick.
He saw y/n’s face change from neutral, to one of fear, as the men were probably interrogating her. He saw Jin point to her hand, probably asking about the gun.
In his peripheral vision, he saw Yoongi running up to him, panting. “Jesus Christ, get down!” Yoongi hissed between breaths. “They’ll see you.”
Jimin just said “Y/n’s in trouble.”
Yoongi looked tentatively, and when he saw all four men were facing away, he stood to his full height. Jimin watched as his face fell at the scene unfolding in front off him.
“Jimin. She’s got your gun.” Jimin nodded. “She sneaked out when you left. She took in the wrong gun.” He could tell Yoongi was trying to figure out how that even happened.
“Yoong-Boss”, Jimin corrected himself. “Can you hear that?”
Yoongi just nodded. They could hear engines in the distance. “We need to go. Now”, he murmured. But Jimin knew Yoongi wouldn’t leave without y/n. And neither would he.”
The next thng they saw was y/n running. They saw Jin raising his gun. “NO!” Yoongi shouted. Jimin’s mouth went dry. What the fuck can we do? We go in, we die.
They saw Jin fire. They saw the bullet hit y/n’s arm. They saw her blood paint the surrounding walls. They saw her fall. And not move. They saw Taehyung laughing and Hoseok kicking her, to check if she was awake. And they saw Jungkook standing there, staring at y/n like she was a stranger. Like she was one of the whores he was asked to kill.
Jimn wa clenching his fists. Her shoulders were still moving with every breath she took, but the breaths were shallow. And y/n was losing a lot of blood.
What the hell Jimin. Even Namjoon’s death didn’t affect you this much.
Yoongi was ounching the wall beside him, in rage. The noises of the engines were getting closer. Jimin looked at y/n’s pistol, now in his hand.
“Woah. Hold the fuck up.” Jimin muttered. That made Yoongi stop abusing the wall for a second. Both men watched in awe as y/n shakily stood up, tears falling freely. She grabbed the gun once more.
Jimin couldn’t stand the sight of her in so much pain. She was only a small thing…he was surprised she could still stand, even though she’d been hit in the arm.
“Y/n…”,Yoongi whispered. All the men were huddled on the other side of the room, so no one had noticed her.
She was crying silently, gripping the gun with her good arm whilst holding the other arm up slightly. To reduce blood loss. Jimin smiled. Even in her pain, she remembered little things like this.
“We can’t stand here. We have to do something!” Jimin stated. His voice was close to breaking point. He had taken bullets for this girl, nothing was allowed to happen to her.
Just like y/n had heard what he said, she turned to face the window subtly, first looking at Yoongi, then at Jimin. Her tears were still flowing, as was her blood. She looked faint, but still managed to stay standing. Jimin noticed the hand holding the gun was shaking violently.
He didn’t even need sound to see what y/n mouthed to the two of them. Her expression was pained but determined. The word, loud and clear.
Y’n’s POV
I felt sick from the blood loss. From the pain. God knows how Jimin managed to survive two bullets to the back. My arm was on fire.
I saw the two of them at the window. They were blurred through my tears, but I could make out the mint and orange. I wiped my eyes. Yoongi looked pissed and Jimin looked worried. He probably feels guilty, I thought.
They looked like they were about to burst in, so I mouthed at them to “Run.” Of course they didn’t move. So with the gun, I motioned for them to at least duck.
After all this, they can’t get caught.
I turned to Jungkook, Hoseok, Taehyung and Jin. They were huddled in the corner, and all I could hear was hushed whispers. I fucking TOLD them someone’s coming to kill them. So they shoot ME and stay to gossip? Fucktards.
I just looked at Jungkook’s hunched up profile, hands in his pockets like nothing had happened, and I snapped. All four men were unarmed, so I could take them by surprise.
I cocked the gun to get them to look at me. And of course, they did. They all whirl around to face me.
I wiped away the last of the tears and weakly stepped forward, trying not to look at the blood on the floor.
“Right”, I spoke. My voice was laced with pain, anger, hurt, betrayal. “Who’s first?”
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At first I was mad at her for being a slut bucket but now I want her to kill them all, especially jungkook first😡😡😡😡
@VIPFreak2NE1 I cried when Namjoon died and when I thought Jimin died, at the moment I was angry and now that I've calmed down I kinda don't want them to die either
She needs to stop adding all these guys in her relationships @MrsChanyeol but I don't really want any of them to die. It hurt so much when Namjoon died and I physically cried when Jimin got shot. I can't handle anymore injuries.😢
@MrsChanyeol lmaoo a slut bucket! 😂😂😂 I can't
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