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Hey Guys!

As @JohnEvans stated on his card [HERE], as a Monsta X Vingle Community we are starting a new trend. There is a day out of the week that will be dedicated for each of the members. Sweet Hu? So, now we will be able to have our Monsta X Daily Dose! Everyone is welcome to participate so please post and let's fangirl/fanboy together! Feel free to tag me in any of your Monsta X cards! Now, we all know how wonderful our Monsta X Maknae is, right?

So, why not not look at the different sides of I.M!

Thers is, I.M the Dork

I.M the Dancing Machine Featuring Jooheon

I.M the cute Maknae

Sexy I.M

Offended/Are you serious? I.M

Scared I.M

Shocked I.M

Conservative I.M *LOL*

And then there is making fans go crazy I.M

Those are some of the many reasons we should love our Maknae!

I hope you liked my card and don't forget to post your I.M cards on Sundays! :D

@MonAnnahiX I really do 😍😍😍
I knew you would love this @PrettieeEmm !! 😆
aaah I know right @IsoldaPazo !! :D
I love my baby so much ♥♥♥😍
jaja omo the shocked, conservative and making us go crazy are too precious. I.M. what an eyeseu candy