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@PrincessUnicorn inspired this card. Check out her appreciation card here:

Don't misunderstand... I adore every aspect of this man. The pink princess Mario loving food shoveling momma mode Jin. But I lose my SH*T when everything is stripped down and all is left is the man. oooooo boy. Bias Wrecker Kim Seokjin. Swerve, boy.

Enjoy, as I much as I have, this dedication to his manliness.

And may the rest of your day be as good as his looks ;)

if you can enjoy the rest of your day after this....

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And this is why Jin is my UB 😍
@MirandaStephens here's a start ;)
That arm work though. And then he winks at the camera. I felt so attacked. I think it made me die at work just now.