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Im super excited to say that the childhood hero, the badass dueler....YUGIOH was released in the year 2000, the year I was born. I'm really proud of this because I love yugioh and I play the card game! This anime inspired othet card games that have impacted many childhoods acroos the world
The manga also was released the day my brother was born, 1996! This is super awesome because me and my brother duel almost every week!
Overall this anime has made many childhoods awesome including mine. From every dueler or anyone new to this anime, lets say the words that let us have amazing fun...LETS D-D-D-DUEL!!!!! Tagging @hikaymm @blackoutZJ @Poojas @Luffynewman @invinsybll
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awesome idea my man!
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Nice!!! I used to be big into yugioh up until the Battle City ending then after that the rules got to much for me.
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@assasingod lmao yea But they plan to use holograms
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