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After everyone ate and paid we all separated. Except for Mark. He insisted to walk me home. When we we walking home Mbeark stood next to me and held my hand. He started to lace his fingers around mine. I squeezed his hand in return. When we got to my front door I looked back to say thanks to Mark. But when I looked back his faces was so close. I closed my eyes and felt a quick peck on my eyes. "Bye, see you tomorrow." He said before walking away. I felt my cheeks getting hot, and my heart. beating so fast. I turned back and went inside. But when I saw what happened I was scared so I called Mark. I was waiting outside until I saw Mark running towards me. I quickly got up and ran to him and hugged him. I started to cry. "I'm so scared." I whispered in his ear. ~~~Mark's pov~~~ When I was walking home from bringing Ji home, I suddenly got a call from her. "What's up?" I asked. "I think a burglar came in and took my stuff from my house, I'm so scared." "Okay, I'll be right over." I ran to her house as quickly as I could. I saw her sitting on her front stairs. When she looked up I saw her running towards me. She then hugged me tight. "I'm so scared." she whispered in my ear. I put my arms around her lower back and kissed her hair. "It's okay." I said. We both walked inside to see what was missing. I called up the police station to report a burglary. They got here in 5 minutes. I told the officer everything that missing. The officer said to stay at a friends house. I offered to have her stay over. After this we went to the dorm and told the rest of Got7 the news. "Ji will stay over tonight, due to a burglary at her house." ~~~Ji's pov~~~ After the news we all went to bed. But it seems I have to sleep in Mark's room. We went up to his room. "I will sleep on the floor." Mark said thoughtfully "No, its fine you can sleep on the bed with me, as long as you don't do anything." I said the last part quietly. "Okay." Mark said.
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