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IM CRYING I REALLY HOPE TO GOD THIS ISN'T TRUE I'LL LITERALLY DIE <//3 @JamiMilsap @CrystalGuerra @SindyHernandez @thePinkPrincess @AshleyAndino @AimeeH @Yongsongmi @AnnaHaris1989 @BaekYeolBaby @HayleyEastman @Ercurrent @amortiz0101 @SusiBosshammer @HerosBells @Princess2328 @OliviaZenger @EmilyPeacock @yaya12 @KaeliShearer @QueenLee @KAddict @VeronicaArtino @KaoriHikaru5 @KellyOConnor @megancurrent9 @ElishaFisher @LilMnM @SindyHernandez @NiahriTayloe @Jinnyrod3 @DawanaMason @drummergirl691 @QueenLele @Princess2328 @Taylor1Wright @leslesthecookie @Kpopfangirl15 @EXOAsf @anyaheart @chinabarrier16 @LuMichelle @lizochoa @lizzie26 @tinafalcon22 @BrookeLane05 @MariaDis @mellyortiz @Kagamine381 @Tamaki1618 @YoongiAegyo @DOislifeExoL @shanie0125 @merryjayne13 @ChelseaAustin @KoreanDramaMaMa @KaisPrincess @CarlaAcosta @katcollins02 @ashrose33 @AnimeGirl320688 @KaylinJones @PandaSoapy @Katherina2078 @MaricelvaRomero @Mikim000 @MomoChamie @aguileragissel @Roxy1903 @sierrakuper @Alyessiazavala @HeyImAlly @DeyaniraEstrada @bigbang18 @rmchapa15 @LaynicornLay @caterrell @RaquelArredondo @OliviaEdwards @KaitlynHewitt @unbreakable8887 @PizzaPanda19 @priscy513 @LenaBlackRose @jojojordy2324 @JiyongLeo @summerblack2 @BridgetJara @faith92 @Jinnyrod3 @LaynicornLay @kelseyblair @JuanitaBooRiv @mitchix5 @BtsIsLife @NadineEquivel @NEOisRealo @RandomName @jeess143 @MayraYanez @modhippie @ekahjw @funfunbunbun @RavenTorres @ammagrande @Yongsongmi @SindyHernandez @JessicaWang @JahlaB @NiahriTaylor ( if you would like to be tagged in my posts please tell me ^^ )
I'm gonna be honest I personally don't think this is true and if Yang Hyun Suk is upset that is because the trainees aren't actually doing it right if u see Ikon Mix and Match he isn't mean. He actually hung out and ate dinner with the Ikon members and if this were true why would he let Hanbin (B.I) watch his dog? So don't worry this is a Lie
I'm not on either side, because one: many people make things up. Two: We don't know how people are behind closed doors. I am a completely different person when I'm with my best friend vs when I'm with my family. I don't know whether this is true or not, but if it is then that's how it is. If it's not, then that's how it goes. Regardless, there's nothing we can do about it if it goes either way. We can't judge either because we don't know them personally. After all its just another story on the internet.
this isn't true at all especially the CL thing seriously that girl is the sweetest person especially when it comes to fans etc. she always goes above and beyond to talk to them and the GD thing seriously GD doesn't even have time to do anything especially dating and if he did date who cares and Papa yg is the sweetest man ever is he hard on the trainees? yes why? because he cares and wants to see them do good and I agree with @Tamaki1618 no trainee Unless somehow they were and extreme spy could figure out any of this so called " personal " info about the yg artists
I don't believe it. Too many people make long things up like this all the time
you know this post says that the brother has never met big bang except for seungri. but it gives an explanation of very contradicting. this is probably fake. CL looks like a tough don't talk to me kind of person, but in vids and things I have read she really seems like a nice person. All this if not most of this is fake I'm sure.. just another YG hater hating on the life of people living their dreams
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