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We go inside the café: it was bright blue with round lamps on the ceiling. The tables were all in straight lines, the floor was dark wood and on top of every table there were red and white roses adorned with scented wood sticks (or whatever they're called). "You know, it took years to get the place looking like this. And with the amount of customers we receive every day it gives us more chance of keeping the café in order... thus keeping the café running." "It is very pretty and calm, looks more like a restaurant than a café." "Hm, everyone says that. But we like to make the café our own away even if what they said was just a compliment. Mom always said I had a creative mind but all I do is design things my way. One of the reasons to why I don't like taking orders from anyone. But then, when I get sick of something, I throw it away and move on to something else." "Is it your way of not getting hurt or feeling lonely?" "Precisely, but, I kinda never worry about things I don't like. All I do is wonder if that thing will still be in my heart and if that thing (someone) still loves being there with me. That's probably what blinds me from the truth: that not everything goes the way you want it to go and all you can do now is move on. That's exactly what I did with my, well, long lost "friend"." "Are you sure he left and forgot about you?" "What else could it be? I understood that he left me to study abroad because his parents forced him to, but, to not talk to me for that amount of time? that hurts." "So you just move on? what if he comes back and tries to speak to you?" "Is not like he would, it's been like 10 years. And besides, we were kids back then. He should just forget about his middle school sweetheart and move on..... that's what I did." "You have a very straight-forward persona. You don't like being stuck in the past. You're loyal for a certain amount of time if you're not shown affection, devotion and loyalty in return. And you obviously like to not be stuck in the back side." "I guess... hm, maybe that's just my way of not crying it all out." "And if he was here, in front of you, what would you do?" "Stare, to see how much he's change. Then I'll probably cry and complain about the many times I wondered if he was ok or why he ignored me, why he never responded to my texts. Ask him his name, but as you said before: i'll remember once I see him." "Hm, let out your anger." "Yeah, it's all I can do."
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