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Topp Dogg's MV "TOPDOG" follows the story of 2 composer's(B-Joo and Hansol) rivalry. Mozart(B-Joo) was the young child that was loved by everyone whose arrogance eventually led to massive debt and an early death by Phenomena. Salieri(Hansol) was an older composer who was equally as talented as Mozart, but was often overlooked because of the younger composer's fame. This MV and song is literally an epic rap battle. If you read the lyrics, you suddenly realize why the Mozart reference is so important. Topp Dogg is singing about being at the bottom of the music industry, in the shadows of much larger groups. Just like Mozart and Salieri. Salieri put in so much work just like Mozart but Mozart gets all the attention. Topp Dogg put in so much work just like Famous Kpop groups out there,but they don't get recognized. Source:
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oml I love this!!! I had my ideas but this makes sense!!
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