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The Cast: Edward Elric - Yamada Ryosuke (Hey!Say!JUMP) Winry Rockbell - Honda Tsubasa Roy Mustang - Dean Fujioka Maes Hughes - Sato Ryuta Shou Tucker - Oizumi You Lust - Matsuyuki Yasuko Envy - Hongo Kanata  Gluttony - Uchiyama Shinji  The stellar cast stars some of the hottest actors in Japan right now, many of whom have experiences with live action adaptations of anime. Lead actor Yamada is best known now as the protagonist in the movie adaptation of shounen manga Assassination Classroom. Honda, who will play Winry Rockbell, has also recently played the heroine in the movie version of shoujo manga Ao Haru Ride. Out of the entire cast thus far, however, the actor with the most '2.5D experience' is Hongo. An avid otaku himself, Hongo played Echizen Ryoma in the 2006 adaptation of sports manga The Prince of Tennis. In the same year, he also acted in Nana 2, which was adapted from the hit shoujo manga of the same title. He went on to star in all the Gantz movies and most recently played Armin Arlert in the Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin movies.  With such a decorated cast, netizens are certainly buzzing over the movie, which is set for summer 2017. What do you think of the cast? This is a Tokyo Otaku Mode original article Source: Excite via Otakomu Top Image: Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium Shop