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Sorry guys I know I said I would upload Saturday but Saturday flew right by me! Without further ado.....


HOW DID I GET DRAGGED INTO THIS. I thought. Somehow I let Yoongi talk me into joining him. I now found myself standing in front of a door. The urge to knock had not come. All I wanted to do was stand in front of the door. Scratch that I wanted to leave. "I'm just gonna go he'll never notice I wasn't here."I said as I sneakily started down the stairs. "Oh hello there." This voice came from a man at the bottom of the stairs. "Are you waiting for one of my hyungs?" CRAP! I WAS HOME FREE! I yelled at my self. "Oh um yes. I was just going to see Yoongi." I replied. "Oh Yoongi?" He asked. He gave me a speculating look. Did he think I was lying? "My name is Y/N. I was just here to-" I started. "Oh Y/N!" He interrupted happily. "Come on in! We have been waiting for you!" WE? I thought quietly. As he came up the stairs he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Oh by the way my name is Taehyung!" He announced happily. Taehyung opened the door swiftly and urged me inside. The dorm was a lot smaller than I had imagined. At the entrance was a wall of shoes. So many shoes. I had never seen so many shoes. But there are seven boys living in this house. Gently Taehyung pushed me toward the common area. There were 3 people sitting in the floor in front of a television playing a game. "Oh yes! This is why Mario is the best! I always win!" A boy with broad shoulders screamed. "No fair Hyung you're cheating!" A younger looking boy complained. "How about you taste my lightning!" A happy looking boy added. "Guys! I'm back! And look I brought Y/N with me!" Taehyung announced. The other boys quickly got up and ran to me. The boy with broad shoulders was the first to reach me. "Oh whoa! Yoongi was right she is really pretty!" He added as he poked my cheek with his index finger. As he did this Taehyung elbowed him in the gut. "Oh sorry. I didn't mean... I mean... I didn't... Um... You are so pretty. I mean... Um. What I'm trying to say is... I'm Jin." "I'm Hoseok!" Said the happy boy. "And this is Jungkook." He pointed to the other boy who was hiding behind him. Jungkook seemed shy so I waved to him. "Y/N! You made it!" Yoongi had appeared from nowhere. He made his way over to me with ease and suddenly took my hand. There he goes again invading my personal space. He pulled me away from the others and guided me back to a room. In the room were a couple of beds and a computer. Yoongi sat me down at the computer and took a seat next to me. Music began to play from his computer. There was an uptempo beat with lots of bass. I started to nod my head when he turned off the music. "Hey that was good why did you turn it off?" I asked angrily. "Before we start I need to make sure of something." He replied sternly. "Ok." I answered hesitantly. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Yoongi asked bluntly. I was in shock. Did he seriously just ask me that? "No." I answered. "Good. Let's begin."
It had been about three hours. We had actually gotten a lot done. After fully finishing a song we decided it would be a good time for a break. Exhausted I leaned back on my chair and took a deep breath. I reached my hands up over my head and stretched as far as I possibly could. "You shouldn't stretch like that in front of men." Yoongi stated. "I what?" I asked quickly. "Stretch. You shouldn't stretch like that in front of men. You look to perfect. Other men may see it as a moment of weakness and attack you." He replied. "You can stretch as much as you want to with me though because you're mine." Before I had time to protest his mouth was on mine. My mouth was open from shock and gave him all he needed to explore with his tongue. My hand acted on its own when it smacked him. The smack did nothing to phase him. Instead we both fell to the floor. Yoongi was now on top of me. Yoongi's kisses grew stronger and deeper as the seconds ticked away to minutes. His hand was now exploring my body while the other free hand held my hands above my head. One by one he unbuttoned the buttons on my blouse. Yoongi was toying with me. He could see the look of pure lust in my eyes. I wanted him. For all the teasing and invasion of personal space something made me want him. When I whimpered into his kiss he smiled finally unbuttoning the last button. It was at that very moment that the door opened. "Hyung?" Perfect timing Taehyung.
Taetae is a cock blocker馃槕馃槕馃槕
@ashleyemmert oh ok. cause he was like all over her at the building and then all a sudden the guys are like you so and so? haha 馃槀馃槀 this is so good i love it
@LemonLassie I skipped forward in time she doesn't quite know either somewhere along the line she agreed reluctantly
OMG!!!!馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槏鉂わ笍馃憣perf!! Can't wait to see what's coming our way!!
when did she agree to go over?
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