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I can't sing well but I'm a damn good leader. I have proof.
That's a good number for me that means less drama.
He seems like he has an even personality so I think he would be a good mentor.
If I'm singing and he is rapping that would be a hit. I would need him to do what he did in Light Saber. That would be awesome.
Haha me and SatanSoo. That would be epic. I have my mean days too.
I think he would be the good angel on my shoulder telling me not to flip out.
Ummmm I totally support this.
No thank you.
wait what?!?! where did that come from? I'm sorry @jessicaacosta90 this was not supposed to happen.
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@jessicaacosta90 I said nothing either
@CreeTheOtaku when you coming back? we're waiting......
@ElleHolley I'll come back
@CreeTheOtaku woohoooooo
@CreeTheOtaku I am so behind these notifications! I am super happy you came back my lovely daughter 😚 @ElleHolley Uh huh auntie elle 😌