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Yes, we've all heard of the upcoming live action movie that is soon to be filmed. Now, the time has come for the cast to be known to the public eye!!
Edward Elric – Yamada Ryosuke
Winry Rockbell – Honda Tsubasa (Love her!)
Roy Mustang – Dean Fujioka
Maes Hughes – Sato Ryuta (*sobs*)
Shou Tucker – Oizumi You
Lust – Matsuyuki Yasuko
Envy – Hongo Kanata
Gluttony – Uchiyama Shinji
And there you have it! I wonder who will play Alphonse... Thoughts?? Thanks for checking out!
the only people I notice who actually look like the anime character is Roy and gluttony
@T0R1L I see how you would think so, but I just put the names above the pictures rather below. Weird structuring, but it was for the purpose of properly introducing the actor. :^).
im pretty sure the pictures and names are messed up.
@MadLikeHatter I agree, but for me, I don't always try to relate the live action appearances to that of the real character. What is most important is if they can play the role well :^). Which hopefully these actors can!!