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Geez Where do I start! Well I've been told by quite a few people that my personality ranges from Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet, Arata Kasuga from Trinity Seven, and Raku Ichijou from Nisekoi Lol!! LET ME EXPLAIN!
Rentaro and I are similar when it comes to brains and the way we use Martial arts, plus he's pretty good with a pistol! I would also like to mention after I had my shoulder surgery a year and a half ago, He and I have some new Hardware (Though his hardware is much more badass than mine will ever be). Not to mention we are both calm and collected under pressure unless the ones we love are in danger, then we become reckless! We both Become serious when it comes to fighting for our friends and loved ones!
Alright, I'm pretty sure Most of you know who I am by now, If not, Salutations I'm @BlackoutZJ, The Resident Harem Master and Creator of Harem Madness Collection! Kasuga Arata and I are both Perverted idiots. Yes we are both Straightforward when we see an absolutely gorgeous girl walking down the street or Hallway. Not to mention I've been in multiple Harem situations since I was in the 5th grade and I seem to have the uncanny ability to find myself in the same situation here and now in college! Somehow we are still considered a Ladies Man!
How do I explain the resemblance of Raku and I? Well for one We both love to go the extra mile to help someone no matter how the person feels about it. We are easily approachable and we both like to hang with our friends and we both have excellent taste in women! @hikaymm @Aimebolanos @InVinsybll