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The last thing I expected was to have Jackson Wang at my door step! Ever since I got to know of GOT7, I tried following up on them time to time and I so happened to stumble on Roommate 2 which featured Jackson. His bubbly and adorkable character had me and pretty boy knows I love him. Well not love love if you know what I mean but yeah...the kid is just adorable no? I keep telling pretty boy that Jackson would be so fun to hang out with and that I wanted to meet him. I had spoken to him couple of times over the phone and he was always a sweetheart. And I like the fact that he calls me Noona which I found really cute but apparently it annoys pretty boy much which makes it even more fun. Had couple of occasions where pretty boy told Wang to stop calling me Noona but Wang as he is, keeps doing it just to annoyed him and it humor me to no end. *Fast forward to present...* Do you usually greet your guest in towels? Pretty boy asked frowning Huh! What...!!! Only then I realized that I just had a towel on. I looked up in panic and somehow me panicking amused him. With that freaking smirk of his, he bend over and whispered 'Not that I don't approve the look, just make sure it's only for me' and walked inside. I stood rooted completely caught off guard and too dumbfound to reply...I must have stood there red to my roots coz the next thing I heard was Jackson calling me out. Noona, are you ok there? I snapped out & composed myself quickly. Told them to wait and walked hurridly pass them up to my room. I saw pretty boy grinning from the corner of my eyes. It took me all my self control not to smack that grin off his face & my only-in-a-towel-state didn't help either. I swore out loud the moment I got to the safety of my room. Good going Nat, good going I mentally kicked myself!! I took a quick shower and pulled on one of oversized shirt and rush down. The boys had already made themselves comfortable on the couch and munching some chips. The kid sure thinks he owns the freaking place huh I thought looking at pretty boy sitting there all relaxed!! Jackson looked up as I walked in...Noona, you want some? No I'm good...and walk pass them to the other side of the sofa while I purposely stepped on pretty boy's feet in the process. OUCH!! Awwwh sorrrrry...didn't see your foot there I muttered giving him my most fake smile while my inner goddess smirk. Pretty boy just sat there looking at me amused. Call me childish but I got my kick out of it huhuhu!! So, what brings you here? I asked turning my attention to Jackson ignoring pretty boy. Well, our comeback is due soon so I thought I'd take a short a break before things gets really busy and yeah...I wanted to find out what's keeping Hyun from....before he could complete the sentence pretty boy kicked him. huh! what...he turned to pretty boy. Find out what now?? I asked curious They exchanged looks and Jackson turn back smiling 'nah Never mind' Oh com'n tell me, tell me...I insisted. Jackson laughed and said he'd tell me when pretty boy was not around. Fineeee... Anyways, you guys want to have dinner here or you'll be heading out? We're staying over tonite...pretty boy said with ease. We are?? Jackson asked surprised while I went....SAY WHAT!!??? *bewildered* LOOK! pretty I need to remind you that this is not your can't just stay over whenever you feel like... Why not? What do you mean... WHY NOT...!! my eyes popped. Jackson started to laugh...Dude! You were not kidding when you said she calls you 'pretty boy' Pretty boy laugh...Nope!! Look Nat I don't see the big fuss here pretty boy shrugged giving me that innocent smile. You're kidding me some sense into him will ya? I said looking at Jackson I don't mind staying over... Jackson replied giving me that cheeky smile. WHAT!!! You guys are nuts I said rolling my eyes. Stop fooling around...dinner and you both are out. I strolled into the kitchen not waiting to hear their excuses... What have I got myself into...I sigh. I sent a silent plead above, give me the strength and wits to handle this duo... ----------------------------------------------------------- Author note: What do you guys think...will Wang and Tuan stay over?? What do you think will happen...? I hope I'm not boring you guys already hahaha. Thanks for checking out. Do leave your comments and thoughts. Until next chapter... Ciao xoxo
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