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I feel exhausted you know... I'll be honest right now....i hate how I can't do step dad almost killed my mom today by yelling at her... hearing those words kill destroys me.. I already lost my dad to cancer I can't lose my mom too...she and my brother are all I have...i feel speechless and overwhelmed. I feel I got shot because I feel a pain in my chest... I don't even know what I should do anymore...only thing keeping me going is vingle family. but when yelled that to my step dad he said then he can take that away too. it's like he's waiting for me to die... now I see why people cut and hurt themselves.... @cutebabylay
Destina, just because I cut myself doesn't mean its the answer. Do you know who told me that? You did. You helped me stop. If it weren't for you and everyone else I probably wouldn't be here today. People cut for their own reasons but it only hurts them more because it doesn't help anything. It just makes things worse. I'm begging you that if you EVEN THINK of the thoughts I thought of to talk to me or Natalie. We're both here for you. I hate seeing you in pain. It makes my heart hurt. It makes my heart shatter. Natalie and I will always be here to help you. Just come talk to one of us or both of us. We're never going to turn you away. I love you little sister!!!
@CuteBabyLay I wanna talk to you guys but I don't even know what to say... I can't even say anything to myself...i feel consumed and horrible
@aliendestina you should always tell people you trust I only kept things from you and Natalie because they were horrible things.
@CuteBabyLay all I know is that I love to smile even though it's hard but lately it seems impossible
@aliendestina I'm always here so is Natalie. If you need to you can always call me or text when you need one of us.