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We went up to his room. "I will sleep on the floor" Mark said thoughtfully. "No it's fine, you can sleep on the bed with me, as long as you don't do anything." I said the last part quietly. "Okay" Mark said. After an hour or so of talking we both lie on the squeaky bed. "Wow, you can hear the springs on this bed!" I said amazed. "Its not that exciting, in fact it's really annoying." I quickly grabbed a pillow and smacked it at his head. He countered and threw it back at me. "Oww" haha he will fall for my plan. "Are you okay?" he came up to me and tried to remove my hands from my face. I spared no time and jumped on his back. "Haha I got you!" "Hey, that's not funny." Mark said. "I was really worried about you." Mark added. "I'm sorry." I said while getting off of his back. After I got off he kissed my forehead and sat on the bed. I sat next to him and hugged his shoulder. "I'm fine, really." "That's good." He started to pat my head. He then lifted up my chin and kissed my lips. It was long and passionate. I didn't want him to stop, it felt so gentle. After I said that it started to get rough. He then forced his tongue in my mouth. I felt my body getting hot. He pushed me down on the bed. I felt a hand crawl under my shirt. It tickled, I wanted more. I then returned the kiss by sticking my tongue in his mouth. I moaned as I felt his hand grope my breast, it felt so good. "Don't stop." I moaned out. I felt his hand go down lower under my skirt. I felt his hand touch my sensitive area. "Ah." I started to blush. "Oh your so wet" I heard Mark whisper. "It feels so good." I replied. I felt this sharp pain from my lower abdomen. I saw that Mark stuck his finger in?! "That hurts." I managed. "I'll ease the pain." He said. He leaned over me while kissing me passionately, and sticking his fingers in me. While he was kissing me I started to pull off his shirt. Once I successfully got it off I pulled my shirt off. I started to wrap my arms around his neck to get a better angle at kissing. He started to pull off my panties and skirt. I sat up and started unbuttoning his pants. He then pulled them off and threw them aside. He crawled off the bed and went to his drawer and saw him grab something. He held it up.
Omg I'm so sorry I didn't realize @Maribelita
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my name is still wrong hahaha ! but I love it