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I installed this app just now and so far, I really like it :) I haven't figured out how to dress them but I love how you can personalize everything. Even the personality and voice. I made mine bossy with a medium fast speed, a slight accent and a medium pitch. Just like me :D My little Mii needs friends so don't hesitate :)
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@ebethoven Cool :)
@YumiMiyazaki still Don't kno how u add people on it
@ebethoven I'm still trying to figure that part out... I know you can add friends if they're on Facebook but I want to add people here as well.
I'm also trying to figure that out. I know if you are friends on miitomo you can add others in your friends'friend list but that's it. my mii is lonelu lol
Ok, I figured It out. You can only add people if they are friends on Twitter or Facebook.