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KPOP BTS Game Day *Favorite BTS Era*

My favorite Era was one that really hilighted them as men, rather than just idols. Something that I adore is seeing people acknowledge them as real adult human beings with needs... this is why my favorite Era is

War of Hormone

They really got to showcase themselves as men and boys coming into their adulthood. They weren't shying away from portraying their desire for companionship, appreciation of the female form, and an honest to goodness approach to budding sexuality.

Plus.... they were freaking sexy...


I regret nothing.

tagging the Bulletproof Team:

I love Tae so much...
Those photos killed me! I kept saying they need to stop but I still kept looking!
@MadAndrea and ARMYs everywhere said Amen. that's beautiful.
It's almost always the one I show people first. They looked ridiculously adult and sexy that it immediately gets your attention. I showed my kpop hating sister this when she agreed to watch 15 minutes of videos to make me happy. Her jaw dropped in about 3 seconds when she say Namjoon XD and that 15 minutes turned into every single MV, several we watched twice and then she demanded more talented and sexy Korean men so I hate to branch out to Taeyang and a couple B.A.P. we were up until 3 am that night XD tl;dr War of Hormones is a magical video with magical capabilities XD
that was the one mv that wrecked my bias list
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