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For this challenge I just couldn't think of a single one character who I am most like. So I decided to choose the 3 closest characters that represent me in their own way. Those 3 are Kagami Junichirou from Denpa Kyoushi, Ryner Lute from The Legend of legendary Heros, and Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic Highschool. Here's why. This card will most likey make me sound cocky to the rest of you but cocky or confident I am BOTH!!!
1st I picked Kagami Junichirou, why? Because we are both Y.D.s meaning that we only do what it is we Yearn to Do! It doesn't matter if the world is at risk if I don't feel like doing it or it is fun to me in some way or another than I will not do it and there's nothing anyone could do to convince me otherwise!
2nd is Ruler Lute because I do prefer to be alone most of the alone, not for my sake but more for the sake of others. I like to think I'm in perfect check of my emotions (if you could say I even have any) however is for some reason I snap and lose control of myself I don't care who you are or what you are to me, if you're in my pathway I will not hesitate to remove you by any means necessary, good or bad men's nothing to me when I get into that state of mind.
Lastly is Tatsuya Shiba. If I were to just chose one character it would be him, why you ask? How he may have a sister complex (some say) I have a dog complex. There's not a single thing I wouldn't so for my animals, even if that means leveling an entire city, I'd do it without giving a sinless thought if it was for them. Another reason why is because we both are pretty much unbeatable! Being a master in hand to hand combat I don't see anyone taking down shiba like that or myself either for that fact. I'm not just saying that to say it, none of you kniw this but I am actually a professional MMA fighter, holding 7 championship belts in 3 different weight classes. Not one person has picked me to my breaking point or even to the point where I have to get serious! I see Tatsuya and myself the same based on we are both completely detached emotionally only in one case where we show emotions, and when it comes to battle we cannot be beaten, I considers all gods to once be human, and I will be the next god to grace this earth!
Yes I may sounded a little to into my self but that's just me and this challenge wanted to know! But thanks anyway for reading my card and if you're making your own don't forget to tag the main ones for this challenge @hikaymm @InVinsybll @blackoutzj @AshChrimson
So I shouldn't make you mad, eh? :P
You don't have to worry about that, it take a tremendous amount to make me angry lol:D