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Sorry for making such short stories, Ive been so stressed with everything lately. My school is letting out earlier than I had hoped it would, so Im not sleeping very well due to staying up all night to get assignments turned in.

His soft lips ghosted over mine as he gently held me as if I could break. His hand cupping my face left and went to my hip. His touch and kisses were intoxicating, a poison running through my body. The kiss was getting more and more heated. Jump. I did as told, wrapping my legs around his waist. Those once soft brown eyes that are now red, stare lovingly into my eyes. My heart was beating faster than it ever did before. I rested my forehead against his, closing my eyes. Are you sure you want this baby? Im sure Minseok He kissed my lips once last time before leaving a trail of kisses down to my neck. He held me close, fangs piercing into my flesh. I clutched his shirt tightly in my fists, letting out a little yelp. The only sounds to be heard was him drinking my blood and our breathing. I started to feel weak. The grip I had on his shirt was loosening. I felt tired. Minseok… His name was nothing but a whisper. He stopped drinking and let go of his hold on me. I fell towards the floor only for him to catch me. He picked me up and layed me on the couch, mumbling apologies. I placed a hand on his cheek. Its okay, Im just a little tired, nothing else. My reassuring words worked, but he still felt bad. Ill make it up to you. He lied behind me on the couch and held me close to him, soothing me to sleep.
Ah it's sooo cute!!
love this a lot