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Want to Play a little game?


step 1. Make a list of your Top 5 Biases (They Must be in Order) Ultimate Bias First.

step 2. Answer the Following Questions.


Q1. How did He/she make it into your top 5?

Q2. what is your Favorite thing about His/Her Personality?

Q3. What is your Favorite thing about His/her Physical appearance?

Q4. was it Love at first Sight?

Q5. What was your First impression of him/her?

Okay, Let's Begin!

here's my List.

1. Ravi (Ultimate Bias.)

1. Ravi is My Bias because He's Both Cute and sexy. I love his Deep Voice and He's a Really Cool Guy.

2. My Favorite thing about his Personality is He's Such a Dork, And I love It!


4. Leo was My Vixx Bias for one week after discovering vixx. then I started to notice Ravi.

5. My First impression of him was that I thought he was the "Tough Macho Guy" type because of his Appearance.

2. Bang Yongguk

1. I love the fact that He looks like a Badass but, He's actually Very Sweet.

2. My favorite thing about his personality is that He's so silly.

3. I am in LOVE with his Gummy Smile!

4. Yes. it was love at first sight.

5. I first saw him in the "One shot" Music video. I couldn't take my eyes off him, I thought he was Gorgeous.

3. TOP

1. Look at him. Need I say More?

2. I Love Bingu Top. He's So Silly.

3. He Looks like such a Gentleman.


5. My first thought was "OMG! that is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life"!

4. Zico

1. Because he's so Silly.

2. He's Such a Crazy Nutcase and I love it!

3. I love His Eyes

4. Not at first.

5. I saw him for the first time on the "very good" Music video. and I thought "What is with his hair"? if you've ever seen that video, you'll know what I'm talking about.

5. Rap Monster.

1. He Grew on me when I heard about "Jimin, you got no Jams"!

2. He's Funny, and Dorky.

3. His Dimples are to die For.

4. Not really, I Kind of had my eyes on Jungkook at first.

5. my thought was the first time I saw him was " are those Sunglasses glued to his Face"?

That's my top 5 bias list. yes, the one thing my Biases all have in common is that they're all Dorks, But I Love My Dorks.

If you do this challenge, please don't forget to tag me.

Have a Wonderful Night, My Friends! :)

God save us all from the adorable, hot dorks of KPOP.