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1. Daniel Waldron ( @dew ) San Francisco-based Daniel is a designer by trade who looks at everyday life around him for inspiration when taking photos. From plants and insects to buildings and bridges, Daniel takes very design focused images. 2. Johnny Lace (@johnnylace) Las Vegas photographer, Johnny takes lots of fashion focused imagery with an urban twist. Expect to see lots of blingingstreetwear and city scenes. 3. Mal Sherlock (@fashion) New York City based Mal, takes fashion-focused shots, very often showcasing the styles being worn by strangers on the streets of the city. He also takes shots of the urban scenes around him, from traffic to local architecture. 4. Mike Kus (@MikeKu) Mike is a UK based graphic and web designer and illustrator,Hewas one of the first designers to start using Instagram. Now with over 500,000 followers, it’s no wonder why. He has an incredible collection of beautiful landscape photos of his local area, some taken with a fisheye lens, from beaches to country scenes, as well as interesting historical buildings. 5. Dustin Vaughn-Luma (http://instagram.com/dvl#) Interaction designer, Dustin lives in San Jose, CA. Dustin enjoys taking photos of his wife and two sons, as well as incredibly detailed close-ups of insects and plants and well-composed landscapes.