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Alright guys this is the second chapter of my fanfiction! Hope you guys like it. And if you'd like to be taged or removed plz let me know in the comments section! ヽ(^。^)丿

Nari Han or is it Han Nari?

On the other side of the world, in California, lived a high school girl named Nari Han or Han Nari based on the Korean name function. Nari is a smart girl and has two of the greatest girls as her best friends. Lauren has been her best friend since she could remember. Lauren is super sweet and the "fashionista" of the three. You'll always see her either shopping for new clothes every weekend or creating something new out of the clothes she just bought a month ago! She simply has a great sense for fashion but she's also a great friend and there when needed for both Nari and Kiara... wait "Kiara"? Oh yeah! Kiara has been Nari's close friend since 5th grade and since then they have been the three of them. At first Kiara was a little shy but once she opened up to them she became really close with them. Let's just say Kiara is very smart but has an amazing talent for drawing! However, she also enjoys shopping for fun, but... ends up buying quite a few outfits. She's also a reliable and loyal friend. What better friends could Nari have?! You will also catch the three of them listening and jamming to kpop, although Lauren and Kiara aren't Korean they respect Naris nationality and the music, they love it in fact! As soon as they arrived to school they'd chat and laugh until class started.

Lauren- "Let's promise to be together always no matter what happens!"

"Agreed! Together forever!"

kiara, and Nari happily agreed to be together. The bell soon rang for class and the three of them went to class, which fortunately they had together. The days passed calmly, nothing much happened... at least not yet. Will the three be able to keep this promise? Or will they have to sacrifice their friendship for each other's happiness? ~ people that liked the previous chapter ~ @princessunicorn @bigbang2ne1exo @peachylife @shinoyuki @merryjayne13 @orihemay @sindyhernandez @kpossible4250 @misschimchim