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With an album on the way, JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) unveiled his first teaser image, as well as his album concept. On June 20, C-Jes Entertainment stated that Kim Junsu recently finished filming his music video in USA and is preparing for his July 15 comeback. “Through the teaser image, we decided to reveal his double-cut hairstyle, which he’s never done since debut,” said the agency. “If his first album in 2012 had a metrosexual charm, this upcoming concept is mannish charisma.” C-Jes Entertainment also stated that the music video will include a mix of vintage and fantasy, added to the hip-hop rhythm to provide a cool sensation just in time for the summer. His album will be released on July 15.
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his earrings were the first things that I see >< he looks good in the cover but I kinda miss his blonde/silver hair!